Project Zomboid Military Base Location – Where Is It?

Here's our guide on the Military Base Location in Project Zomboid.

If you are a connoisseur of zombie games, you might have heard of Project Zomboid. It is an open-world survival and horror video game in an isometry style. Players have to survive themselves from hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world while stacking up supplies and building defenses. Although you can trace most of the locations on the map, there is a hidden military base in PZ. Earlier, this military base was not visible on the map for a long time but is now visible on the map. Here’s our guide on how to get into the military base in Project Zomboid.

Project Zomboid – Where to Find Military Base Location?

As there is a possibility that you may get lost and killed by the zombies in the woods, we suggest you bring a lot of the supplies. Now let’s proceed to get into the military base in PZ.

  • There is a dead-end road in the middle of the highway near Rosewood.

pz dead end road

  • As you proceed through the road, you will notice that it is not a dead-end.

dirt road project zomboid

  • Go on and drive through the dirt path into the deep forests.

deep forests project zomboid

  • While you may see many different paths drive straight as the road goes until you see an asphalt road.

pz asphalt road

  • You will see a barricade before getting into the parking lot of the military base.


  • Dash into the barricade and enter the parking lot of the base.

parking lot

  • You will see the military base location right next to the parking lot.

Even if it is a perfect place for defense, making this location your base might not be a good idea. Why? Because the location is far away from any looting points and has lesser supplies. However, you can go on a looting spree over there and head over to some other location.

Hope this guide helped you in finding the military base location in Project Zomboid. Make sure to check out our other Guides and Walkthroughs on Gamer Tweak.