Project Makeover Cheat Codes, Mods, Tips, And Tricks

Use these Project Makeover cheats, tips, and tricks to progress faster and unlock more stages.

Project Makeover cheats, mods, and codes have been in talk among mobile game players. Some YouTubers have uploaded videos where they got 100M+ coins and gems within no time. Now other people who enjoy completing tasks and giving makeovers to characters, but are not interested in match 3 prefer this method. The game is itself very enjoyable except for the part where you get stuck at one round of match-3 and cannot collect the required coins for progress. If you are also facing such issues, here is what you can do.

Project Makeover Cheats for Android and iOS

Project Makeover Cheats And Mods

Project Makeover developers have not officially rolled any cheats, mods, and hacks. We don’t support third-party platforms, as they can harm your system and are discouraged by developers too. And since they are not supported by developers your account can get banned if the hack is detected. So stay cautious and proceed with this method only when you are ready for the risk.

There is a hack and mod version of the game that is highly popular among players. This mod gives 100M+ gems and 100M+ coins to the players. You can use freebies for unlocking new clothing, furniture, decoration, and completing tasks. You will find this mod on the sites mentioned in YouTube videos or by searching Project Makeover mods and cheats in a browser. Now, as this method can be unsafe, we have also given legal and safe tips & tricks, so read along.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a Big Firecracker with a Rainbow Booster. This combination is the best, as Rainbow spreads the Big Firecrackers all over the tiles and they blast removing several obstacles.
  • Clearing match-3 is not the only free way of earning coins and cash. You sometimes get them as daily claims and through events too.
  • Combining two Rocket Firecrackers clears both the horizontal and vertical lines adjacent to it. But combining Rocket Firecrackers with a Rainbow will blast multiple in all directions, sometimes clearing the level.
  • When you don’t play this game for some time it offers you boosters and other items to make match-3 levels easier. And that includes all kinds of boosters, from Rainbow to Firecracker.
  • You sometimes get unlimited hearts for some minutes or hours as rewards for clearing the level and logging in after a long time. Try to clear as many levels as you can in that time.

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