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Gotham Knights Secret Identity Compromised & Pressure Plates Solution

Here is how you can Disable Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights to complete the Secret Identity Compromised side quest.

Secret Identity Compromised is a side quest in Gotham Knights where you have to disable pressure plates, cameras, and more to solve the puzzles. The questline is about you trying to protect Batman’s identity. The goal is to go around uploading data on various servers in the city. So in this guide check out how you can disarm Pressure plates in Gotham Knights.


How to Disable Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights

gotham knights secret identity compromised guide

You can disable Pressure Plates by using their panel in order to progress the Secret Identity Compromised side quest. Press down on the D-pad of your controller to look for the nearby panel which allow you to disable them. Interact with and disable the pressure plates, once done they will not alarm when stepped upon. Do remember it is only for a limited time after around 15 seconds the Pressure plates will activate again and will alarm upon triggering. You cannot complete the puzzle by just uploading the files you also have to make sure you exit undetected.

Secret Identity Compromised Walkthrough

As mentioned previously, you have to access some servers and upload files to protect Batman’s identity in this mission. And there are 5 such puzzles in this side quest. But luckily out of these 5 you only have to disable the pressure plates for only 3 puzzles. Here are all the puzzles you need to solve to complete the Secret Identity Compromised side quest:

  • Gotham Gazette – Puzzle 1
  • Near GCPD Office – Puzzle 2
  • Waynetech Lobby – Puzzle 3
  • GCPD Docks – Puzzle 4
  • Iceberg Lounge – Puzzle 5

Gotham Gazette Building

  1. Reach the top of the Gotham Gazette building.
  2. You can find this area is guarded by only cameras.
  3. Play stealthily and disable the cameras.
  4. Access and use the Server panel.

Near GCPD Office

  1. Reach the side quest area.
  2. Disable the cameras and make your way toward the server which is behind a laser grid.
  3. Use the panel to disable it.
  4. Finally, use the server to upload the files.

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Waynetech Lobby

  1. Reach the area of the side quest.
  2. Look for the vent that you can use to reach the room where the server is.
  3. This room is filled with guards, cameras, and pressure plates.
  4. Disable the cameras on the right side of the pressure plates.
  5. Now, walk up to the bottom right plate and roll over it. Try using its corner to not stay on the plate for too long. This will not trigger the alarm when done correctly.
  6. Disable the Laser Grid and you should find the server panel on the left side in the next room.

GCPD Docks – Disarm Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights

  1. Reach the side quest area by going northwest from Old Gotham.
  2. Disable or Destroy the Camera near the panel that allows you to disable the pressure plates.
  3. Use the Panel to disarm the pressure plates.
  4. Jump over the gate, and step on the plates to access the Server Panel.

Iceberg Lounge

  1. Go west from the Belfry and reach the side quest location.
  2. Use the vents to reach the maintenance area.
  3. In the room, get past the lasers that automatically turn on and off.
  4. Disable the pressure plates and go to the next room by taking left.
  5. Again wait for the alternating laser to make way for you.
  6. Disable the next set of pressure plates and access the server to complete the side quest.

That covers this guide on how to disarm the Pressure Plates in Gotham Knights and complete the Secret Identity Compromised side quest. Don’t forget to check our other guides on how to get Promethium, all missions list, and how to do timed strike training.