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Gotham Knights: How To Find Promethium (Farming Guide)

Here is where you can find Promethium in Gotham Knights.

One of the many resources you will want to find in Gotham Knights is Promethium. As per its in-game description, it is “A super-strong metallic alloy that can push the limits of human engineering.”. Thus you can see why you will need this crafting resource. But the problem is its rarity is Epic so you won’t find it as easily when compared to some others. So in this guide let us check some farming locations where you can get Promethium in Gotham Knights.


How to Find Promethium in Gotham Knights

gotham knights get promethium and farming locations

You can beat enemies of the Regulators faction to find Promethium in this game. There are several factions in Gotham Knights, each having different enemy mobs for you to fight. And for this material, Regulators happen to be the source. During the story there is one particular chapter when you encounter them, that is during Chapter 6.1. In Court Judgement (Jacob Kane case) you have to interrogate the Regulators.

So while you question them for progressing the chapter, you can get your hands on some Promethium. Other than that the only way to get Promethium is by finding and defeating the Regulators, when not on any mission while exploring Gotham city.


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Promethium Locations & Farm Guide

As mentioned previously, you will need to find and defeat members of the Regulators to farm Promethium. While there is no fixed location on the map where the enemy mobs will spawn, these are the places where you have the best chance to find them:

  • West End
  • Financial District
  • Bowery
  • Otisburg
  • Southside
  • Gotham Heights
  • Old Gotham
  • Tricorner Island

That covers this guide on the farming locations where you can get Promethium in Gotham Knights. I suggest you also check our other guides on this game on multiplayer session not working fix, how to increase FPS, do perfect attacks, and unlock Robin’s teleport slideways ability.