Gotham Knights: How To Do Timed Strike Training

Are you looking for ways to complete the Timed Strike Tutorial in Gotham Knights? Read this article to understand how you can do it.

Gotham Knights is the latest game based in the DC Universe. You will be walking the rough neighborhood of Gotham but not as the infamous Dark knight. Taking on the mantles of four of his former protegees to fight crime. You can upgrade their skills using the skill tree and unlock various abilities. In this guide, we will tell you how to do the Timed Strike tutorial in Gotham Knights.

How to Do Timed Strike Training in Gotham Knights

Go to Training Area in Belfry

Timed Strike Training is a part of the ‘Knighthood Questline’. Completing this questline will unlock your character’s abilities and enhanced traversing system. To do this training:

  • Head over to the Belfry
  • Walk to the training area by the dummy
  • You will see a prompt to interact (X Button on PS, E on PC)
  • Choose ‘Advanced Training’ among the three options
  • Go to Timed Strikes
  • You will have to perform five standard and heavy Timed Strikes to complete the tutorial.

Performing Timed Strikes

How to complete timed strike tutorial in gotham knights

Time Strikes can turn into a huge advantage if you are fighting a strong opponent or multiple opponents. You will deal more damage and gain momentum quickly this way. To perform a timed strike:

  • Walk to your opponent
  • Use your melee attack
  • When you are just about to strike the enemy, tap the attack button again
  • Time your attacks right and you will complete the training

Many players had difficulty completing the Timed Strike training with Red Hood in Gotham Knights. Some of the things you can try with him are:

  • Use the Triangle Button instead of the Square on the PS
  • Tap the Triangle once, then delay, and then double-tap the Triangle
  • For Xbox, it’s Y Button and for PC it’s Q Key

Why do the Knighthood Questline?

Trapeze ability of Nightwing in Gotham Knights

This is an open-world game and you get several options to move around, like the renowned Batcycle and by using the Grappling Hook. Along with that, every character has their own special ability to move around the city, like:

  • Nightwing has Flying Trapeze
  • Robin has Slideways Portal
  • Batgirl has Glide
  • Red Hood has Mystical Leap

Using these abilities along with your grappling hook will allow you to move faster through the city. Use these abilities to perform aerial attacks and surprise your enemies.
That’s all from us on How to do Timed Strike Training in Gotham Knights. To advance your combat ability, read our How to perform a Perfect Dodge & Attack Guide.