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How Polar Elixir Works In Project Slayers

Wondering what the Polar Elixir does in Project Slayers? Keep on reading this guide to find out.

Project Slayers have many different weapons for you to use but in order to upgrade some of them you might end up needing the Polar Elixir. It doesn’t directly help in upgrading but rather helps to speed up the process a lot. But many don’t know how to unlock it or what it exactly does. So here is how you can get and use it.

What is Polar Elixir in Project Slayers?

Unlock and Use Polar Elixir in Project Slayers

Polar Elixir is an item that you can buy from the in-game shop for 100 Robux. Its main use is to double the Essence that you get from Spider Lilies (flowers) when you consume them. Essence is needed for upgrading Polar weapons like the Polar Scythe, Fan, and Katana.

How to Get Polar Elixir in Project Slayers

There is no known way to Unlock the Polar Elixir for free in this game. But here is how you can buy it.

  1. Press the M-key on your keyboard to open the Menu.
  2. Here, click on the Shop button. It has the icon of a coin bag.
  3. By default, you will be on the Items tab.
  4. The item on the first column and second row.
  5. Click on the Buy button for the Polar Elixir. You will need to spend 100 Robux for it. If you don’t have those many Robux then you will need to buy them first using real money.

Once purchased you should find the item in your inventory.

How to Use Polar Elixir

Upon purchasing the Elixir you should find it in your Inventory.

  1. Press M to open the Menu.
  2. Next, click on the bag icon.
  3. This will open your inventory.
  4. Now, click on the Polar Elixir and use it. You can even search for it if you can’t find it directly.

After using the Polar Elixir consume the Spider Lilies to double the amount of essence you get.

Pro tip – You can get the same effect of Polar Elixir by getting the Polar Gear Set which consists of the Polar Mask, Top, and Bottom. And you can even stack its effects by using the Polar Gear Set along with the Elixir at the same time.

That’s all you should know about the Polar Elixir in Project Slayers. For more on this game check out our guides on how to get War Fans, Skinned Hide, and Rengoku Haori.