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How To Get War Fans In Project Slayers

The Update 1.5 for Projects Slayers feature a brand new weapon called War Fans, so here's how to get it.

In the new Update 1.5 for Project Slayers, you can get your hands on new weapons like Polar War Fans. With this weapon, you can perform powerful attacks like War Tornado and War Drums. But with the new maps and regions, it can be difficult to find this weapon. Moreover, this weapon is guarded by the mighty Douma boss. In this guide, we will tell you how to find these Polar War Fans in Project Slayers.

War Fans Location In Project Slayers

Polar War Fans location in Project Slayers
Image Source: Aditya2546 on YouTube

The War Fans are located in the Devourer’s Jaw region in the Ouwohana World. In Project Slayers, you can obtain these fans inside a small room behind the Doma (Douma) boss arena. If you’re new to the game, then you’ll have to reach level 50 to unlock this world. Moreover, you’ll also need map points to purchase map parts. Once you meet the requirements, follow these steps to get the fan:

  1. Inside Ouwohana World, open your map and purchase Devourer’s Jaw with a map point.
  2. Then, talk to the NPC named Horse Guy and select Devourer’s Jaw to fast-travel there.
  3. Now, look for an entrance to the cave opposite the glowing green orb.

    Cave entrance to find War Fans in Project Slayers
    Image Source: Aditya2546 on YouTube
  4. Once you’re through the entrance, move forward till you come across an empty hall.
  5. Go further and keep an eye on the left for an opening.

    Douma Room in Project Slayers
    Image Source: Aditya2546 on YouTube
  6. Go through this opening to enter the Douma boss fight battle arena.
  7. Defeat Douma if you can or return after a while before he spawns.
  8. You’ll find an opening to a small room behind him.
  9. Inside this room, you’ll find a case with the War Fans in them.
  10. To purchase the Polar Fans, you’ll need 150,000 Wens and 10 Ores.
  11. Apart from that, you’ll also need the base war fans in your inventory.

Polar War Fans Movesets

Once you obtain the Polar War Fans in Project Slayers, you’ll get to use two abilities.

  • War Tornado: Summon a forward-moving tornado that pulls objects and opponents toward itself.
  • War Drums: Activate a 20% damage buff, 32.5% speed buff, and the ability to double jump for 20 seconds.

That’s all from us on how to get War Fans in Project Slayers. While you’re here, check out how to get the Polar Scythe, another powerful weapon in this game.