Project Slayers: How To Get Money (Wen) Quickly

Check out our guide and earn money real quick in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers is a new anime-themed Roblox game that deals in its exclusive currency called Wen. Earning some Wens requires grinding. This guide features some methods & tricks using which you can earn money quickly in Project Slayers.

How to Get Money or Wen Fast in Project Slayers

Project Slayers has an open world map with tons of activities and quests that provides Wen. Check out the points given below using which you can earn money quickly in the game:
How to get money quickly in Project Slayers

  • There are a lot of non-playable characters in the game who give certain tasks against which they offer Wen.
  • Go to the Rice Farm and interact with Sarah.
  • Pick up rice for her by going near the green spots on the farm. You get 100 Wen in one interval.
  • Deliver carts for Grandpa Wagon at his location. This gets you 150 Wen on delivery of one cart.
  • Near the place of delivery, you will find another NPC called Betty. Find the diamond part of her bracelet and earn 500 Wen each time you help her.
  • Find Mark and buy a fishing rod from him for 2500 Wens. Go fishing and earn 90, 180, or 300 Wens for each fish based on their rarity.
  • Five minutes of fishing can get you over 1000 Wens.
  • These quests can be done multiple times so you can pretty well.


To earn efficiently and easily within a few minutes, keep switching between Mark and Betty as they can get you 1000 of Wens. Also, it is the best way to earn quickly because both of them are close to each other. You can buy 2x Wen from the store to double the earnings for 15 minutes. Purchase it from the shop for 1 Ore before you begin the activities.

These are a few efficient and easy ways to earn quick money in Project Slayers. You can check out our other guide that showcases Codes for Project Slayers.

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