How To Get Rengoku Haori In Project Slayers Roblox

By Shubham
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Out of all the Haoris in Roblox Project Slayers, Rengoku Haori is unarguably the best to get your hands on. Since it offers the most buffs and stats, it is worth getting the rarest Haori from any challenging boss or tier chest drops. But having the best Haori comes with a price to it. And sadly, neither of the ways will help you acquire Rengoku’s Haori. As Roblox players scavenge to obtain this item, they are unable to get it anywhere. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out how to get Rengoku Haori.

How to Get Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers

get rengoku haori in project slayers roblox

You can get the Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers by buying it for 550 Robux. If you don’t have enough Robux, it costs around $25 to buy 550 Robux. Unlike other Haoris, you cannot get the Rengoku’s Haori from Tier Chests. You can neither find its drop from any boss fights. So, buying this clothing item for Robux is the most hassle-free option. If you are dedicatedly grinding on this Roblox game, you can consider buying this Haori.

However, there is another option for the players that don’t wish to empty their wallets. With the introduction of the Trading system in the new update 1.5, trade your most valuable items to get the Rengoku’s Haori for free. If you have items like Tegan’s Sound Katana, Polar Katana, the Devourer set, or Warfans, you can easily trade Rengoku’s Haori. You can join the dedicated Discord servers of Slayers Trading Hub to check if anyone is offering a good trade.

While it won’t be a cheap deal, it can get you this Haori for free. We suggest trading the items or weapons that you are not using anymore.

Rengoku’s Haori Stats

For those wondering about all the buzz, this ultimate overpowered Haori is a clothing item that offers many buffs. So, here are all the stats, buffs, and maximum health it offers:

  • Max Health: +250 HP
  • Stamina: +60
  • Damage Boost: +5%
  • Breathing Damage: +5%

That’s all about how to get Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides to find out Swampy Boss location, Tengen Boss location, and more Roblox Guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.

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