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How To Find Tengen In Project Slayers (Boss Fight)

Defeating Tengen helps level up your Water Mastery. Here's our guide on where to find him and how to beat him.

Tengen Uzui is one of the tougher bosses in Project Slayers and even elusive when it comes to his location. When it comes to boss fights, this is one that would take the crown. If you are intending to beat Tengen on your own, let me tell you this is a suicide mission. Fighting him alone needs an extremely high level of combat and a plan like no other. Since we beat him, we could provide you with certain tips and tricks to fight Tengen that will prove useful so make sure you check out this guide till the end.

Tengen Uzui Location in Roblox Project Slayers

Tengen Boss Fight Tips & Tricks
Image Source: OP GAME GUIDES (YouTube)

If you are looking for Tengen Uzui, you need to make your way to the Sound Cave in Project Slayers. Simply head over to one of the Horse Guy and you will get the option to teleport there. Once you spawn at the entrance, head in and take a right. As you continue along this way, you will cross a giant tree and then reach an area where you will find Tengen. If he is not there yet, you will see a spawn timer near the stone formation.

How to Defeat Tengen in Project Slayers

If Tengen is your opponent, you will have to make sure you keep your distance. To be precise, you will have to land a few blows and then retreat. This is one of those fights where you can’t constantly attack the boss and expect to get through it. If you have companions with you, it will allow you to use the attack and retreat tactic and bring down the health of the boss. Since Tengen has an HP of 3500, defeating him will take some time.

All Tengen Boss Fight Rewards

Once you manage to beat Tengen in Project Slayers, you will earn numerous rewards. Here they are:

  • x2 Daily Spins 25%
  • Ore 15%
  • Tier 5 Chest
  • String Performance 10%
  • Water Mastery Level Up

That’s all we have on Tengen Uzui in Project Slayers. While you are here, check out the Project Slayers Trello & Private Server Codes right here at Gamer Tweak.