Project Slayers Official Trello Link & Wiki Guide

By Nikita
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This is where you will find the official Project Slayers Trello link and wiki that you can refer to if you are just getting started with the game.

Project Slayers is an anime-themed game (based on Demon Slayer) where you can either choose to help humanity or go against it. The Trello link of Roblox games such as Project Slayers usually is packed with information related to FAQs, update logs, codes, beginner tips, quests, and much more. Let’s take a look at how you can access all of this.

project slayers trello wiki

Here’s the Project Slayers Trello link that you can access for game-related updates including important locations, items, weapons, Demon Blood Arts, Races, Breaths and more.

Scroll till the end to get a gist of the info available on the Trello at the time of writing this article.

Human Quest Givers List

  • Somi
  • Grandpa Wagwon
  • Sarah
  • Membere Mekonen
  • Grandpa Shiron
  • Kurake
  • Betty
  • Poma
  • Tomi

Human NPCs

  • Jeph
  • Rina
  • Horse Guy
  • Naratia
  • Kenzie
  • Tony
  • Mark
  • Mercy

Map Locations

project slayers map locations

  • Starter Village (Kiribating Village)
  • Zapiwara Mountain
  • Zapiwara Cave
  • Waroru Cave
  • Ushumaru Village
  • Abubu Cave
  • Kabiwaru Village
  • Ouwbayashi Home
  • Wind Trainer
  • Danagerous Woods
  • Butterfly Mansion
  • Slasher Demon


Human/Slayer Weapons

  • Green Katana
  • Golden Katana
  • Water Katana
  • Lightning Katana
  • Tomioka’s Katana
  • Sanemi’s Katana
  • Shinobu’s Katana

Demon Weapons

  • Claws

Breathing Styles

Demon Arts

  • Arrow Art
  • Tamari Ball Art
  • Blood Explosion Art
  • Reaper Art

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  • Humans
  • Slayers
  • Demons
  • Hybrids


Human Bosses

  • Zuko
  • Kaden

Slayer Bosses

  • Sabito
  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie
  • Shiron
  • Sanemi
  • Giyuu

Demon Bosses

  • Slasher Demon
  • Nezuko
  • Yahaba
  • Sasumaru
  • Hand Demon



  • Kamado
  • Agatsuma

Mythic Clans

  • Tomioka

Legendary Clans

  • Kocho
  • Shinazugawa

Rare Clans

  • Ubuyashiki
  • Kanzaki
  • Urokodaki
  • Hagenezuka
  • Kanamori

Uncommon Clans

  • Nakahara
  • Terauchi
  • Takada
  • Kaneki

This is just scratching the surface – make sure you check out the Trello which is packed with everything you need to know about the game. You will be able to find out more about bosses, clans, game mechanics etc through this trello.

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