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Project Slayers: How To Become A Demon

Check out this guide to become a Demon and unlock new powers and abilities in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers is another anime-themed Roblox game that is already a massive hit within a few days of its release. The game has a series of missions and side quests. Completing them levels up your character. One of the quests unlocks when you reach level 15 wherein you can get yourself transformed into a Demon. In this guide, we have covered the best solution using which you can become a demon in Project Slayers.

How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers

You need to find and drink Muzan’s blood to become a demon. The points mentioned below cover all you should know about becoming a Demon in Project Slayers:

  • Reach level 15 so that you become eligible to interact with Muzan.
  • Muzan spawns only at night, that too on random locations.
  • You can easily find Muzan if you have purchased a Muzan Spawn Pass.
  • When you spot him, get close to him and interact. Muzan will give you two objectives against which he will offer you his blood after completion.
how to become demon project slayers
Image Source – SAGEz (Youtube)
  • Those two missions include collecting five Blue Spider Lily flowers and bringing him Dr. Higoshima.
  • Blue Lily Spider flowers appear randomly on the map. They are not that difficult to find.
  • Dr. Higoshima’s location is in the village of Kiribating.
  • Use a Horse guy for a quick travel to Kiribating.
  • You will locate a small house over a small mountain on the outskirts.
  • Dr. Higoshima resides in that small house.
  • Get close to him and press H (default key for carrying) to carry him.
dr higoshima to muzan
Image Source – SAGEz (Youtube)
  • Bring Dr. Higoshima to Muzan before dawn because Muzan only appears at night.
  • After completing these two objectives, Muzan will give you a dose of his blood.
  • Drink the blood by selecting it from the inventory.
  • A small transformation cut-scene begins following which your character gets transformed into a Demon.

The points mentioned above cover all the points you should know related to Muzan’s Quest and becoming a Demon in Project Slayers. Don’t forget to also check out how to pick up Riyaku in the game.