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Project Slayers: How To Pick Up Or Carry Riyaku

Having trouble carrying Riyaku? Check out this guide for the solution.

While playing Project Slayers, there will be one spot where most of the players get stuck on how to pick up or carry Riyaku. Riyaku is Somi’s younger sister. Both of them appear in the early quest of the game as we are sent to fight Zuko’s (Boss Villain) subordinates. The game does not show the tutorials for carrying an object or person. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Follow the instructions below to know how to make it happen.


How to Pick Up or Carry Riyaku in Project Slayers

How to pick up Riyaku in Project Slayers

Project slayers is a cross-platform game with dynamic controls for both PC and Mobile. The steps to pick up or carry Riyaku for both PCs and Mobiles are given below:


For PC

Controls for Roblox are much easier on a PC than on any other device. Follow the points given below and carry Riyaku without any obstruction:

  1. Interact with Somi and enter the second quest.
  2. Follow the beacon indicating point of interest where Riyaku has been held hostage.
  3. Track enemies and make them run behind you. This will create distance between Zuko’s subordinates and Riku.
  4. Get close to Riyaku and Press H (default key for carrying).
  5. Defeat the enemies while carrying Riyaku. If you get hit by an enemy, you’ll drop Riyaku.


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For Mobile

The control mechanism on mobile is basic like any other game that features toggle button. The step-by-step instructions to carry Riyaku on Mobile are given below:


  1. Enter the second quest given by Somi.
  2. Get near Riyaku by following the beacon.
  3. Tap and hold two fingers until two options appear on the screen.
  4. One of those two options includes a carrying feature.
  5. Get close to Riyaku and tap on the Carry option to pick her up.
  6. Fight the enemies by tapping on the L and R buttons displayed on the screen.

This is how you pick up Riyaku in the new Project Slayers game. For more related to Roblox games, check out our category.