Roblox Project Slayers: Where To Find Swampy Boss (Location)

By Shubham
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Being inspired by the popular anime Demon Slayers, you will face many bosses like Swampy in Project Slayers on Roblox. Also known as the Swamp Demon, it can be a bit tricky to beat this tier 3 boss. But before you take on the fight with him, you must find Swampy first. Don’t worry, in this guide, we have included his location, tips to beat him, and all the items this boss drops. So, check out our location guide to know where to find Swampy in this game.

Where to Find Swampy in Project Slayers (Location)

As this boss is a demon, you can find Swampy in Project Slayers spawn only during the night. The Swampy boss spawns behind Wop City in Ouwohana close to the Renpeke boss’s location. You can find him standing near a waterfall beside a tree. To get to Swampy, head to the Horse Guy NPC and teleport to Wop City.

Since this boss has a massive 2700 HP, you must be at least above level 70 to beat him. So, we recommend leveling up before taking on the Swampy boss fight.

Follow the below steps to get to Swampy’s location in Project Slayers:

  • Firstly, head to the Horse Guy to teleport to Wop City in Ouwohana.
  • From there, head straight until you come across a region covered in snow.
  • Once you are close to Swampy, he will say “Where do you think you are going?” or “Come back here“.
  • Then, navigate to the nearby waterfall to find Swampy standing beside it.
find swampy in project slayers roblox
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Alongside this boss, you will also face Yowai Demon helping him out during the boss battle. So, you might need some help with the Swampy boss battle. Don’t fret, here are some tips to defeat Swampy:

How to Beat Swampy (Tips)

  • Due to his long-range, this boss consumes plenty of Stamina or Breath.
  • So, for the entirety of the fight, try to close the distance between him.
  • If you are unable to beat Swampy, invite or join a friend for the fight.
  • Quite obviously, it is easier to beat him with multiple players.

But what does the Swamp Demon boss reward when beaten in Project Slayers? Scroll till the end to find out.

Swampy Drops

  • Tier 3 Chest (Guaranteed to drop)
  • 10% chance to drop Swamp Domain Skill

You can get plenty of rewards inside the Tier 3 Chest. This includes Flame Katana, Mist Katana, Bandaged Blindfold, Dark Smoke Visor, and more rewards. But as it’s RNG, you can get either reward inside the Tier 3 Chest.

That’s all about where to find Swampy Boss in Project Slayers Roblox. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides to find out the Tengen boss location, all missing Gem locations, and more Roblox Guides for other games right here on Gamer Tweak.

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