Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

Pokemon is one of the biggest series in gaming and so it has a lot of fanmade titles. One such game that many people are looking the cheats for is Pokemon Quetzal. It is a remake of Pokemon Emerald but gives players its own unique region and new Pokemon to catch. However, a lot of content at times can get overwhelming so players end up looking for some codes to help make their progression easier. So below is everything that you should know about its cheats.

Disclaimer: This guide is only meant for informative purposes. The following game is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Emerald. We DO NOT support the use of any illegal ROMs. You should always dump your own game files when using them with emulators or applying hacks.

Does Pokemon Quetzal have Cheats?

Pokemon Quetzal Cheat Codes
Image Credits: TenmaRH on PokeHarbor

Yes, Pokemon Quetzal does have cheats. Using these cheats you can do various things like fly you anywhere on the map, get “n” amount of any item, change Pokemon nature, and more.

What Cheats Can You Use in Pokemon Quetzal?

There are four types of cheats that you can use in this game and they are:

  • Utilities: Gives you utility features like flying to parts of the map, healing party, and more.
  • Flags: It lets you toggle on or off features like badges, collisions, encounters, and more.
  • Variables: It lets you change the value of Variables.
  • Give X: Get a certain amount of items in the game, change the level or stats of your Pokemon, and more.

How to Use Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

You need to choose the Cheats option as your Game mode to use them. Once done you can start the game in any mode of your choice. After the game starts you can open the menu and go to the Misc option. From here select cheats and the above four types of cheats will become available. Now, you can use them as per your needs.

Can You Use Cheat Codes In Pokemon Quetzal?

No, there seem to be no cheat codes that you can use in this game. When using codes you need to insert Gameshark on your GBA or look for some “cheat” option on your emulator and individually enter each cheat. Since none of the usual Emerald codes seem to work here, the only way you can cheat is by using the in-game cheats.

That’s all for the Pokemon Quetzal Cheats. If you like playing other Pokemon games then you should also check out our guides on Pokemon Yellow Cheats, Ruby Cheats, and Platinum Action Replay codes.