Pokemon Ruby Cheat Codes

Want to walk through walls, easily complete Pokedex, or maybe get unlimited master balls Pokemon Ruby? Using these cheat codes you can do all of that and many other things.

One of the most beloved games in the series is 3rd Gen, so it comes as no surprise that there are many cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby. Even though there have been several other games released since then, you will still find people going back to this game which was originally released for the Gameboy Advance. Don’t worry though, just like every other game you have plenty of Pokemon to catch here, 202 in total. But if this task feels too strenuous then there are various cheats to help you out. So no matter if you want to level your Pokemon fast using rare candies, change their nature or directly get all 8 badges, these codes have you covered. So get ready with your Gameshark and go wild with these cheats for Pokemon Ruby.

Best Pokemon Ruby Cheats

Pokemon Ruby Cheat Codes

Here are some of the most used & popular cheats for this game:

Infinite Master Balls

  • 91B85743 27069397

Infinite Rare Candies

  • 280EA266 88A62E5C

Walk through walls

  • E03B0649 5D67050C
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4

Avoid Wild Pokemon Encounters

  • 3B0C8C5E
  • 96FB832D

Get 8 Gym Badges

  • A12FCE77 0C1EC556

Unlimited Poke Dollars (Money Cheat)

  • E51E97C3 7858E4EB

Shiny Pokemon Encounters

  • 9839927F5FA2
  • 0987C8AA34A7
  • 4B0560A9F0C3

Steal Another Trainer’s Pokemon

  • B6C5368A
  • 08BEAFF4
  • 6FD608D0
  • B9151D51
  • 084197CA
  • 3EA6DE4F
  • 8E883EFF
  • 92E9660D

Infinite PP

  • 000056D0000A
  • 100004280007
  • 42024AA4 FFFF

Item Codes

  • Choice Band
    • 75C5C708
    • 8DCA058E
  • Deep Sea Scale
    • B3EF8B1C
    • 57681183
  • Deep Sea Tooth
    • 534582DB
    • 455CFD1D
  • Dragon Scale
    • E0183894
    • 5392FA0D
  • Escape Rope
    • 088D15F0
    • D5AFFC6D
  • Ever Stone
    • AE9EBA13
    • DAAA43B8
  • Exp. Share
    • B964A353
    • B1C57054
  • Full Restore
    • F6D63594
    • 20B33E32
  • HP Up
    • EF059A66
    • 1B91FA78
  • Heart Scale
    • 000D4DD5
    • EBC33F52
  • King’s Rock
    • F51EA1AC
    • 7E24BB0B
  • Lax Incense
    • 4AA5B093
    • 48DE6224
  • Max Elixir
    • 612A0D7A
    • 864B1D29
  • Max Repel
    • 08DA1807
    • 097673F4
  • Max Revive
    • 9C51C651
    • 033FEEF8
  • PP Max
    • 7A74D52C
    • 460DA729
  • Scope Lens
    • 3FE077E2
    • B0C72A6F
  • Sea Incense
    • 9C5FFF08
    • 214012E5
  • SilverPowder
    • 3EBBA7A0
    • AC0A2214
  • Soothe Bell
    • A5C80201
    • 3E9D4506
  • Soul Dew
    • 19144C10
    • 261CEF95
  • Fire Stone
    • F6AAFA8B
    • 4D2C5F22
  • Leaf Stone
    • F668B3C9
    • 14DB1264
  • Moon Stone
    • D708816F
    • C1207EB6
  • Sun Stone
    • 50C1CD99
    • D96B58B4
  • Thunder Stone
    • 23ABBF10
    • 041CCBBE
  • Water Stone
    • 45734F06
    • 591ECD99

How to Use Pokemon Ruby Cheats

There are two ways you can use these cheats.

  • Players with Physical Cartridge: Connect Gameshark to your Gameboy and then insert your Cartridge into Gameshark. Now, enter the above codes.
  • Players with Emulators: Your GBA emulator should have some kind of Cheats option. Depending on how it is, you may first have to select Gameshark for the type of cheats and then enter them. Or you can either directly use the above codes.

With that, you have the best cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby and both methods to use them. For more such cheats you should check out our Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Codes & Pokemon Yellow Cheat Codes.