Zelda TOTK: Ploymus Mountain Cave And Climber’s Bandanna

Here is how to find and enter the Ploymus Mountain Cave to get Climber's Bandanna in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Are you looking for a Climber’s Bandanna in Ploymus Mountain Cave of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)? The item is part of the climbing set consisting of Climbing Gear, Climbing Boots, and Climber’s Bandanna. This bandanna is infused with ancient technology that improves your climbing ability. The base defense of this piece is 3 but can be upgraded to 20 at a four-star rank. Plus, you can dye this piece from Kochi Dye Shop to get black, purple, crimson, and more colors.

How to Find Ploymus Mountain Cave Chest and Get Climber’s Bandanna in Zelda TOTK

Ploymus Mountain Cave And Climber's Bandanna
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Ploymus Mountain Cave (3661, 0539, 0269) is in the Southwest corner of Ploymus Mountain, east of Mikau Lake. The fastest way to reach the cave is through Ihen-A Shrine (3786, 0578, 0500). Go to the southwest from the shrine to reach the coordinates. You will find the cave’s entrance hidden behind trees on the side of a clean-water waterfall.

  • Once inside the cave, use something like Slip Elixir and Froggy Set to climb up.
  • You can now look for the passageway on the right to find a cave that has Bubbulfrog. You get Bubbul Gems by killing Bubbulfrog of this Ploymus Mountain Cave.
  • After you have defeated the Bubbulfrog, climb even higher and go to the back of the cave to look for the entrance with big crystals around it. Inside that cave, you will find a treasure chest.

TOTK Climber's Bandanna

  • Open the treasure chest to find Climber’s Bandanna.

That’s all you need to do to find Ploymus Mountain Cave and get Climber’s Bandanna in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This cave has Brightbloom Seeds, Bright-Eyed Crabs, Ore, and Rare Ore Deposits. So once you have obtained the bandanna, get them too. And if this guide was informative to you, we suggest you check our other Zelda TOTK guides. You can start with how to get Eldin Ostrich Fabric for Paraglider and then learn the Earthwake technique of TOTK.