Slime Rancher 2: All Plorts Location, Diet & Favorite Food

Know everything about the Plorts including their Varieties, Locations, Diet and Uses in Slime Rancher 2.

Slime Rancher 2 is a first-person open-world life-simulation game similar to its predecessor. This game is available in Early Access mode and has already gained the attention of the mass. Uncover the mysteries of Rainbow Island and meanwhile take care of your Conservatory by keeping it up-to-date. It is possible to Ranch Slimes in this game inside the Conservatory. Moreover, you can feed them in order to gain Plorts. However, finding them requires a bit of grinding. Check out this guide to know all varieties of Plorts, their location, and what they do in Slime Rancher 2 through our guide.

All Variety of Plorts, their Location & Diet (How to Get Plorts)

Plorts in Slime Rancher 2

Here are all the varieties of Slimes along with their location and favorite food so that you can feed them and obtain respective Plorts:

Plorts Slimes Locations Diet Favorite Food
Pink Plort Pink Slime Rainbow Fields and Ember Valley Vegetables None
Cotton Plort Cotton Slime Rainbow Fields and Ember Valley Vegetables Water Lettuce
Phosphor Plort Phosphor Slime Anywhere during night  Fruits Cuberry
Tabby Plort Tabby Slime Rainbow Fields Meat Stony Hen
Angler Plort Angler Slime Ember Valley Meat Sea Hen
Rock Plort Rock Slime Starlight Strand and Ember Valley Vegetables Heart Beet
Batty Plort Batty Slime  Starlight Strand and Caves of Ember Valley Fruits Pomegranate
Flutter Plort Flutter Slime Starlight Strand Nectar Moondew Nectar
Ringtail Plort Ringtail Slime Starlight Strand and Ember Valley  Anything None
Boom Plort Boom Slime Caves of Ember Valley  Meat Briar Hen
Honey Plort Honey Slime Starlight Strand  Fruits Mint Mango
Puddle Plort Puddle Slime Ember Valley Water Water
Crystal Plort Crystal Slime Starlight Strand  Vegetables Odd Onion
Hunter Plort Hunter Slime Starlight Strand  Meat Roostro
Fire Plort Fire Slime Caves of Ember Valley  Ash Ash
Gold Plort Gold Slime Far, Far Range Glided Ginger Glided Ginger

After feeding the Slimes their favorite food, they produce Plorts that can be collected using the Vacpack.

What does Plorts do in Slime Rancher 2? (Uses)

Plorts in Slime Rancher 2 are used to earn Newbucks. Selling Plorts in the Plort Market can get you a decent amount of Newbucks that can be further used for upgrading Plots and Vacpack. Also, keep in mind that the prices of these Plorts fluctuate every day. Somedays, a Plort can be of higher value, and someday it won’t. In addition, Plorts can be used in Refinery to create Slime Science Gadgets with the help of Slime Science resources like Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Indigonium, etc.

That’s everything you should know about the Plorts, their locations, their favorite food, and their uses in Slime Rancher 2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on getting a Radiant Ore.