PlayStation 5 Hands-on Videos Will Be Shared Next Week

At the end of the coming week, some Japanese Youtubers will have the opportunity to present the PlayStation 5 hands-on videos. The presentation will take place during the Youtube Gaming Week Japan.

At least some Japanese Youtubers will soon be able to deal a little more intensively with the PS5. According to Sony, selected content creators will have the opportunity to broadcast the so-called PlayStation 5 hands-on during the YouTube Gaming Week. You can see the results from October 4th, 2020.

According to the official PlayStation Japanese Blog, it was stated that “From Thursday, September 24th to Sunday, October 4th, the YouTube-sponsored game festival “YouTube Gaming Week” will be held. Sony Interactive Entertainment will participate in this event, and popular creators who have a YouTube channel will experience PlayStation 5, which is about to be released in Japan on Thursday, November 12, and will see the pattern on their own channel in October.”

The event is to be broadcast on October 4, 2020, from 18:00 JST on the PlayStation channels. The PS5 games played by the Youtubers should be mentioned at a later date.

The participating Youtubers include:

Akagami no Tomo no Game Jikkyou Channel!!
Anija Otoja
Gucci no Heya (Miracle Gucchi)
Kai Mayuzumi (Nijisanji)
Lulu Suzuhara (Nijisanji)
Natsuki Hanae