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New World: How To Play With Friends

Play with your friends in the exciting MMO.

New World is an MMO game, but everyone likes playing with their friends instead of random people. If you too are looking for how to play with friends in New World, you are in the right place. This guide will walk you through different ways to enter a quest or take on missions along with your friends in New World.

How to Play With Your Friends in New World


The only way to play with friends in New World is by partying up with them. For this, you will need to find your friends on the map. This can be difficult as New World’s map is really vast. However, there are a few ways to try to spawn close to your friends.

Firstly, if you spawn far from your friends, make your characters die and try your luck to spawn close to them. Secondly, you can finalize a place to meet up and ask your friends to gather there.

There’s also one more option that can be the best in terms of both saving times and meet up with your friends. Meetups can be done in every zone in the New World. What you need to do here is to ask all your friends to play the first quest individually and then meet up at a set location before accepting the second quests. If you accept any quest before meeting up, you will be locked to that zone and cannot go outside to meet up with friends before completing that quest.


That answers your question about how to play with friends in New World. Once you are with your friends make sure to collect all the resources such as fibers, iron, and oil to craft weapons, armors, and other valuables.