How To Earn & Get Platinum Kanto Medal? (Pokemon Go)

Platinum Kanto Medal is a tiring and tough task in Pokemon Go. This guide will give you important pointers on how to unlock this medal.

Platinum Kanto Medal is not an easy task in Pokemon Go. It will require trainers to capture all 151 Pokemon in the Kanto Region. This long, tiring, and tough, but the only way to earn Platinum Kanto Medal. In this guide, you can learn about the locations of Pokemon in Kanto, a small map of the entire region, and some tips on finding the rarest of rare Pokemon in this area.

How to Unlock Platinum Kanto Medal?

Pokemon Go Kanto Region

Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon in the Kanto region and Mew is the last one. Along with finding all the Pokemons, you will also have to evolve a few of them. This is also a necessary part of unlocking the Platinum Kanto Medal. So finding is one thing but evolving them is also necessary. To check your progress of all captured Pokemon click on the Pokeball on the map and go to Pokedex. Tap on the Kanto region and you will find the list of pending Pokemons. To start this you will have to first buy the 151 Research Story from the store. Some of the Pokemons are easily available while some will be available during special raids. It is all about exploring the region until you find all the necessary Pokemons to complete the task. Below is a list of all Pokemon you can find in the Kanto Region.

List of All 151 Pokemon in the Kanto Region:

Bulbasaur Nidoran Abra Gengar Electabuzz
Ivysaur Nidorino Kadabra Onix Magmar
Venusaur Nidoking Alakazam Drowzee Pinsir
Charmander Clefairy Machop Hypno Tauros
Charmeleon Clefable Machoke Krabby Magikarp
Charizard Vulpix Machamp Kingler Gyarados
Squirtle Ninetales Bellsprout Voltorb Lapras
Wartortle Jigglypuff Weepinbell Electrode Ditto
Blastoise Wigglytuff Victreebel Exeggcute Eevee
Caterpie Zubat Tentacool Exeggutor Vaporeon
Metapod Golbat Tentacruel Cubone Jolteon
Butterfree Oddish Geodude Marowak Flareon
Weedle Gloom Graveler Hitmonlee Porygon
Kakuna Vileplume Golem Hitmonchan Omanyte
Beedrill Paras Ponyta Lickitung Omastar
Pidgey Parasect Rapidash Koffing Kabuto
Pidgeotto Venonat Slowpoke Weezing Kabutops
Pidgeot Venomoth Slowbro Rhyhorn Aerodactyl
Rattata Diglett Magnemite Rhydon Snorlax
Raticate Dugtrio Magneton Chansey Articuno
Spearow Meowth Farfetch’d Tangela Zapdos
Fearow Persian Doduo Kangaskhan Moltres
Ekans Psyduck Dodrio Horsea Dratini
Arbok Golduck Seel Seadra Dragonair
Pikachu Mankey Dewgong Goldeen Dragonite
Raichu Primeape Grimer Seaking Mewtwo
Sandshrew Growlithe Muk Staryu Mew
Sandslash Arcanine Shellder Starmie
Nidoran Poliwag Cloyster Mr. Mime
Nidorina Poliwhirl Gastly Scyther
Nidoqueen Poliwrath Haunter Jynx

Tips to Catch 151 Pokemon in Kanto Region:

  1. Complete Mythical Discovery Special Research quest to get Mew. It will be unlocked at Level 15.
  2. Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres can be found in 5-Star Raid Battles.
  3. Ditto is an impersonator who can disguise himself as Corphish, Diglett, Grimer, Litleo, Roggenrola, Snubbull, Starly, or Tympole.

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