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Pokemon GO: How To Get Free Poke Balls (2023)

Here are all the ways you can get free Poke Balls in Pokemon GO.

Knowing the free ways to get Poke balls can be very handy in Pokemon GO. Since the game is about catching Pokemon you can run out of Pokeballs more easily than you think. But worry not there are ways you can collect them even faster than you use them up. So in this guide let us check all the ways to get free Pokeballs in Pokemon GO.

How to get Free Poke Balls in Pokemon GO

pokemon go how to get free pokeballs

The best way to get Pokeballs for free in Pokemon GO is by spinning Pokestops. Other than that there are 5 more ways you can get Pokeballs for free in this game, here are all of them.

  • Spinning Pokestops: Any Pokestop that you see in Blue color is the one you can spin. The ones that are purple are the ones you have already spun. You could come back to them or wait for 5 minutes for them to turn back blue.
    • All you have to do is open Pokemon GO, walk up to the nearest Pokestop, and spin it.
  • Claim the Daily Free Box: Depending on what time of the day you claim it you get different rewards. In the above example as you can see I got 3 Poke balls and 1 Great Ball.
  • Opening Gifts: When you Spin the Pokestops other than Pokeballs you also get gifts and berries from it. You can send these gifts to your friends and they can send them to you.
    1. Go to the Friends tab.
    2. Tap on the friend that has sent you a gift.
    3. Finally, tap on the open button to get the items from the gift.
  • Level Up: As you keep playing Pokemon GO you gain XP by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and more. And the more XP you get the faster you level up. And each time you level up in this game you are guaranteed to get some number of Poke balls. The higher your level is the better Pokeballs you get like the Great balls and Ultra balls.
  • Complete event-specific challenges: There can be occasional challenges in the game that give you Poke balls. At the time of writing this article, I had these tasks:
    • Catch 25 Bug-type Pokemon: 25 Poke balls
    • Make 15 Nice Throws: 20 Great balls
    • Make 10 Great Throws: 10 Ultra balls
    • But the above were just a few examples. Whenever you have any such challenges complete them and you can get Poke balls for free.
  • Buy Poke Balls from the Shop: Don’t worry you don’t have to spend real money to buy them. You can get Pokecoins in the game by defeating gyms and placing your Pokemon there. The longer it stays there the more Pokecoins you get. Once you have enough Pokecoins you can redeem them for Poke balls. Here are the three options you get:
    • 20 Poke Balls: 100 Pokecoins
    • 100 Poke Balls: 460 Pokecoins
    • 200 Poke Balls: 800 Pokecoins

That covers this guide on all ways you can get Pokeballs for free in Pokemon GO. For more help on this game check out our Pokemon GO guides.