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How To Use Minecraft Pixel Generator

Here is how to use Minecraft Pixel Generators.

Minecraft is a massive sandbox game that is highly popular. It’s very beautiful and its Block Art style makes it a quirky game. Saying that Pixel Art looks best in Minecraft. So, today I am going to tell you how you can create Pixel Art using a Minecraft Pixel Generator.

Minecraft Pixel Generator

pixel art

The concept of Building is one of the Core aspects of Minecraft. Although making Pixel Art can get tedious. This is where Mods comes into consideration. So the steps to make them are as follows.

First, find an Image you want to make into a Pixel Art Image. Make sure the image dimensions are less than the build limit of Minecraft. If it is not within the limit it won’t work. After that find a website, Pixel Generators, that will convert the image into Minecraft blocks with its equivalent colors. There are many online which will facilitate it. Put your Image on the site and then convert it. If required do some changes. One tip, if possible don’t use Glass Blocks as your creation will look like as it didn’t render correctly. After converting, download the File.

How to Import the File into Minecraft

Now depending on what file you have downloaded, you will import it into the game differently. If you have a Mod then you will have to paste the File in the Mods Folder of Minecraft which is located in the AppData directory. The next thing to do is to start your game and find a place to put the Pixel Art down. Depending on what your file is you will have to type its corresponding command. After that just “//paste”. Now if have a Datapack then the process is slightly different. In Minecraft, you will have to open the folder where your Minecraft world is. From there locate your Data packs folder and then just paste it there. Re-enter your world and then just type in the command on the location you want the Pixel Art to be.

Well, that’s about it. You will be able to see your creation in-game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you create your choice of Pixel Art by using Minecraft Pixel Generators. Now you can show off your building skills to your friends. You can also check out our guides on Apples and enabling Multiplayer in Minecraft.