How To Get Apples In Minecraft

By Darwin
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In Minecraft, there are a plethora of Food Items to choose from. From the basic Potato to the rare Enchanted Golden Apple, each Food Item has its use. Among these, we have the humble Apple. It has a few quirks which we see in this guide. Here I am going to tell you how you get apples in Minecraft.

How to Get Apples in Minecraft

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Apples are dropped by the decaying of Oak Tree Leaves and Dark Oak Tree Leaves. You must cut all of the Wood Blocks of the Oak Tree and let the Leaves be where they are. Over time the Leaves will begin to decay. As they decay, they will drop Apples. This is a slow way of getting apples as it takes several minutes for the entire canopy of Leaves to decay completely. Another way is you could Trade with Villagers. An Apprentice Level Farmer Villager has a 50% chance in Bedrock Edition and a 66.7% chance in Java Edition to trade 4 Apples for Emeralds.

Another way of getting Apples is to Raid Generated Structures. You can get Apples from Bonus Chests, Igloos, Strongholds, and Villages. But the best way to get Apples by far, in my opinion, is by using a TNT Tree Farm. On this farm, you will have to plant an Oak Tree Sapling. One change you can make in the farm is to add a Leaf crusher module in the TNT Tree Farm. This will speed up the process of collecting the Apples from the Leaves. The Beauty of this method is that you will Sticks and Apples as a by-product while you are farming for the Wood. Among the methods I have listed, this one is the most efficient.

How to Use Apples?

Apples at surface level seem like a food item not worth the effort of getting. It only gives 4 Food Points and 2.4 Saturation restored. Saying that it is an important ingredient for the best craftable Food Item in the game, Golden Apples. As we know, Golden Apples gives a player Stat bonuses like Regeneration II for 5 seconds, Absorption for 2 minutes. It gives us the same amount of Food Points but for the bonuses, it’s well worth it. It is also used in making Villager Trades cheaper by Dezombifying the Villager. To craft a Golden Apple, you will need an Apple and 8 Gold Ingots. Place the Apple in the Centre of the Crafting Table and surround it with Golden Ingots. Also, you need to eat an Apple to get the achievement “A Balanced Diet”.

These were the ways you can get Apples in Minecraft and also its uses. Hopefully, this has helped you in your adventures. You can also check our guides on the Best Crossbow Enchantments and Migrating Accounts.