How To Migrate Your Minecraft Account

This guide outlines the steps required to migrate your Minecraft account.

Since Minecraft’s official statement in April 2021 announcing that account migration to Microsoft accounts has begun, the transition has rendered a few users perplexed. Users formerly used a Mojang account to log in to Minecraft. However, they’ll have to now migrate those to Microsoft accounts. Minecraft says this migration of accounts is to provide better security to your account with a few added safety features. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to assist you in How to migrate your Minecraft account. Before we begin, remember the migration only started in late June and many players still haven’t gotten their notifications.

How to Migrate Minecraft Account

  • Firstly, be patient! Minecraft will notify you via your homepage when you’re ready to migrate your account.
  • Once received, click on the “Get Started” button to be redirected to the account migration link.
  • On the website, select the “Move my account” option and enter your email id and other relevant information asked, and submit it.
  • Now click on the “Complete Move” button which is just below your gamertag.
  • Migration complete! You can now access your Minecraft account via a Microsoft account login.

migrating minecraft microsoft

Is It Necessary?
Simply put, Yes it is necessary to migrate your Minecraft account to a Microsoft one if you wish to continue to play the game. The migration as reiterated time and again by Microsoft – is to reinforce security features. Moreover, all of your in-game items will be available just as you had left them.

This process is pretty straightforward and Minecraft has ensured that the procedure isn’t too complex. The Microsoft account migration is primarily to improve security, and since Minecraft belongs to Microsoft, it just makes sense. The accounts migration even lets you play all games across Microsoft and Mojang associated with that account.

There we go! Now you know how to migrate your Minecraft account! If this guide helped you be sure to check out our guides, tips and tricks, and other amazing stuff about Minecraft.