Pokemon Scarlet Violet: Picnic Table Missing Or Invisible Fix

For our next trick, we will make the picnic table disappear. Well if you don’t like this trick here is how you can fix it in Pokemon SV.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has many things going for it from the new Pokemon to its Terstalization. But one of the biggest things its players hate about the game since its launch is the bugs. With the Indigo Disk DLC released recently, another glitch has appeared. In this the picnic table doesn’t show up when players set it, no it doesn’t seem to have gone missing it should be there but is just invisible. While it may look funny the first few times, eventually you will want a fix because it becomes unusable as you can pass right through it. As such this is the current workaround you can do to resolve it.

How to Fix Pokemon Scarlet Violet Picnic Table Not Showing Up

How To Fix Pokemon Scarlet Violet Picnic Table Now Showing Up Glitch
Image Credits: TheSerperiorEnd on YouTube. How the glitch looks when Picnic Table disappears in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

While there is no official solution just yet, it should be fixed with an update for good. However, whenever you encounter this glitch you should save and restart your game. Here are the exact steps for it:

  1. After placing the table, open the menu and press R to Save the game.
  2. Next, go to the home screen.
  3. Now, it will show Pokemon Scarlet or Violet as running.
  4. Press the X button and close your game.
  5. Now, relaunch the game, and this time when you set up the picnic table it shouldn’t vanish.

Do note that this isn’t a permanent fix and you can still encounter it again. So if you do, you can always repeat the above steps to get rid of it temporarily.

That is all about how you can fix and keep the picnic table from going missing. If you like playing this game then don’t forget to also check our other guides for it on the locations where you can find Froakie, Fennekin, and Suicune in the Indigo Disk DLC. As for help on other topics of Teal mask or the base game you should check out our Pokemon Scarlet Violet section.