Pokemon Indigo Disk Fennekin’s Location (Scarlet and Violet)

Check out this guide to know how to find and catch Fennekin in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk.

The Indigo Disk DLC offers players a chance to catch various starter Pokemon from different generations in the wild and if you are a fan of the series, then you might know the craze to catch all these starter Pokemon. One of the popular generation VI starters that you will be able to catch is Fennekin. The fox is equal parts adorable and one of the best fire-type starters that you will ever come across in the series.

However, like Mudkip and other generational starters, catching Fennekin in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk comes with its prerequisites. And on top of that, you will need to complete those blueberry quests to unlock its location. So if you are looking for a fire-type starter all around, here is everything you need to know about it.

How to Find and Catch Fennekin in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk

Where To Find And Catch Fennekin In Pokemon SV Indigo Disk
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Players will come across Fennekin in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk in Savanna Biome in the Blueberry Academy’s Terrarium. You will need to upgrade the Savanna Biome and increase its biodiversity in the game.

For this, players will need to complete the Boost Biodiversity request from the support board available. It will cost you anywhere around 3000 BP to upgrade the biome and unlock Fennekin in the process.

It’s worth completing those Blueberry Quests in the game to have a good amount of battle points at your disposal. Not to mention, completing them will also grant you the ability to catch some legendaries going forward. Once you complete the support board request and upgrade the Savanna Biome, you will be able to find Fennekin in Pokemon SV Indigo Disk.

The most common spawn for the fire-type Pokemon would be near the Savanna Plaza fly point in the game. However, you will randomly come across the Pokemon in the Savanna biome’s western part. To have a better chance, you can upgrade the Item Printer to unlock the Poke Ball Lotte and have different Pokeballs at your disposal.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, go through our dedicated Pokemon SV section, right here on Gamer Tweak.