Phantom Armor Set In Zelda TOTK (All Pieces Locations)

Suraj Nai
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If you’re on the road to unlocking all armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, then you shouldn’t miss the Phantom set. Players can obtain this armor in the early stages of their journey, but they’ll need to be pretty careful. As there will be many enemies and stamina-based puzzles they’ll face. However, it’s surely going to be worth it, once they see Link looking like a Mini Pekka in the game. It also comes with an Attack Damage bonus, that’ll keep you going until you find better armor. So let’s see the locations to find Phantom Armor, Helmet, & Greaves in Zelda TotK.

How to Find Tears of the Kingdom Phantom Armor Set (TotK)

Phantom Armor Set zelda totk
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In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Phantom Armor set pieces are located in three different locations. The Helmet is in Puffer Beach, the Greaves is in Ancient Altar Ruins, & Chest Piece is in Tamio River Downstream Cave. However reaching the exact pieces location keeps getting trickier, so ensure you have your Stamina Elixirs with you. For a better understanding, let’s dive into the details to find the Phantom Armor Set.

Phantom Greaves

Phantom Greaves location tears of the kingdom zelda totk
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To get the Phantom Greaves head near East Barrens in Gerudo Desert. And there you’ll find 12 quicksand holes, which lead to 12 different caves. But here you have to jump into a specific hole that leads to Ancient Altar Ruins. So go ahead and jump into the quicksand hole marked in the image above. Once you do, you’ll find yourself in the Ancient Altar Ruins, there simply climb and acquire the Greaves from the chest kept under the shack. (Quicksand hole coordinates: 0293, -3777, 0051)

Phantom Armor in TotK (Chest Piece)

Phantom Armor Chest Piece location in TotK Tears of the Kingdom Zelda
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The Phantom armor chest piece can be found in the Tamio River Downstream Cave located in Hyrule Ridge. So simply head towards the end of the Tamio River and you’ll find the cave. Cave coordinates (-2515 -3725, -0039)

  1. After entering the cave, take a left and keep heading ahead sneakily.
  2. And if you see a path between two glowing rocks, then you’re on the right road.
  3. There you’ll end up on a ridge, where you’ll spot the Gloom Hands, which you can either defeat using Bomb Plants and arrows. Or keep moving ahead from your left sneakily.
  4. If you’re taking the sneaky path, then a little further you’ll see a cave-like structure blocked by reddish-brown rocks. So fuse and make a Rock Hammer to break the boulders.

    Phantom Chest Piece zelda totk
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  5. Once done, head up and claim the Tears of the Kingdom Phantom Armor Chest Piece.

If you don’t have enough resources to defeat Gloom Hands or break the rocks, then grab your Portable Pot and start cooking a Non-Slip Elixir. After consuming it ride your Paraglider towards the shack from the ridge you were at before. Then climb your way up and that’ll do the trick.

Phantom Helmet

Phantom Helmet location totk zelda
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For the Phantom Helmet, head to Puffer Beach, and look up for holes in the cave. Beside it, you’ll find rockets that you can use to enter the cave from down to speed up the process. (Cave hole coordinates: 0276 -3868 0001)

  1. Look up, you’ll see a cave with glowing rocks.
  2. Craft something using the rockets and head up the cave from down.
  3. Explore the cave and you’ll find a shack that holds the last Phantom armor piece, the Helmet.

That sums up the locations to find Phantom Armor set pieces in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you haven’t unlocked the Zora armor, then check out how you can find its pieces. Also, take a look at the ways to farm Rupees in Zelda TotK.