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Tears Of The Kingdom Zora Armor Set Location & How To Get

Climb waterfalls and swim faster with the Zora Armor set in Zelda ToTK.

The Zora Armor set from Breath of The Wild returns to Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, so players are looking for the location of all its pieces. Veteran players know the importance of suits or armor in this series. The Zora suit helps Link climb waterfalls at blinding speed. Unlike most other armor, you get the first piece of Zora Suit in a main quest called Sidon of the Zora. Then, you can do the side quests to get the location of other pieces of Zora Armor and complete the set.

How to Get Zora Armor Set in Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK)

The Zora Armor comprises the chest piece, helm, and greaves, and you must complete the following quests to get them:

  • Chest Piece: Sidon of the Zora
  • Helm: The Never-Ending Lecture
  • Greaves: A Token of Friendship

Complete Sidon of The Zora to Get Chest Piece

Ancient Arowana Fish location to get Zora Armor Chest Piece
Image Source: BeardBear on YouTube

The Sidon of the Zora quest starts after you complete the “Sludge Covered Statue” quest in Zora’s Domain. Once you do that, you can talk to Lady Yona in the infirmary and she’ll want to reward you with the chest piece. However, it is broken and you must collect an Ancient Arowana fish to repair it. This will trigger the “Restoring the Zora Armor” quest.

The best location to get the Ancient Arowana fish in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is Mipha Court. Head over to the following coordinates (3575, 0563, 0174), and use the “Recall” ability to lift the rock. Once at the top, use the paraglider to fly to Mipha Court (3742, 0417, 0537) and jump into the pool to get the Ancient Arowana fish.

Take the fish to Lady Yona and she will repair the Zora Armor chest piece for you.

Complete Never Ending Lecture to Get Zora Helm in Zelda ToTK

Zora Helm location in Zelda ToTK
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In Zora’s Domain to the left of King Dorephan’s throne, you’ll find Khira and Chroma. Interact with them and they will ask you to find Zora Helm, triggering the “Never-Ending Lecture” side quest.

The Zora Armor Helm is located on Floating Scales Island in a hidden cave. To reach this place, fast-travel to Ihen-a Shrine and climb the waterfall. Now, go along the left side and you’ll find two wooden boxes. Paraglide from the side and keep an eye on the right to find the entrance to the hidden cave (4120, 0514, 0584). Inside, you’ll find a chest with Zora Helm in it.

With this helm, your swimming speed will increase and you can perform a spin attack while swimming.

Complete A Token of Friendship to Get Zora Greaves in Zelda ToTK

Zora Greaves location
Image Source: BeardBear on YouTube

The final piece of the Zora Armor set in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is the Greaves. To get this piece, head over to Zora’s Domain and talk to Lady Yona again. She will tell you about the Greaves and how they were offered up at the Ancient Zora Waterworks. This will trigger the “A Token of Friendship” side quest.

To get the Greaves, head over to the coordinates (3679, 0126, 0236), and jump off the rock into the whirlpool. This will lead you to the Ancient Zora Waterworks area. You’ll find a Stone Talus but you can ignore it and continue further. However, you can get rewards like the Luminous Stone Talus Heart if you beat it. Go deep into the cave to find a waterfall. Behind this waterfall, you’ll find a chest containing the Zora Greaves (3586, 0247, – 0103).

That’s all from us on how to get the Zora Armor suit in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. If you’re more of a flyer than a swimmer, then we suggest you check our glide suit armor guide in the ToTK section.