Why Is My Discord PFP Blurry? (Fixed)

Here's how to fix your PFP if it is blurry or pixelated in Discord.

Discord users are facing an issue where their uploaded profile pictures look pixelated and blurry. The blurry glitch affected many users who recently changed their Discord PFP. If you are suffering the same issue then here’s how to fix this.

Discord PFP Blurry Solution & Fix 2021

Discord PFP Blurry Fix

The recent glitch in Discord makes all avatar profile pictures blurry when uploaded from iOS devices like iPhone & iPad or even some Android devices. The only solution to fix this right now is to upload your PFP from the PC Browser. This issue is noted by the devs, and they are aware of this glitch. A fix is on the rollout, so you will receive the fix soon. In the meantime, using a browser like chrome or safari is the only way to fix & get Discord PFP without any blur or being pixelated.

Users’ profile photos on Discord became very blurry and pixelated when they changed them, even if they had previously used the same photo without a problem. Even re-saving or compressing the image will not improve its appearance. Changing the PFP via the safari browser instead of the Discord app if you’re an iOS user can solve the pixelate glitch. Also, the official resolution suggested by Discord for PFP is 128×128 to avoid any compression errors. Uploading a larger resolution and trying to compress it down will cause pixelation issues in that specific image. So the best way is to avoid this and upload a 128×128 resolution image as your PFP.

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