Starfield Job Gone Wrong: How To Persuade Bank Robbers

Check out this guide to know how you can persuade the bank robbers holding Galbank in the Job Gone Wrong in Starfield.

Wondering how to persuade the Bank Robbers while going through the Job Gone Wrong questline in Starfield? After landing in Akila City for the very first time, players will come across a situation at the Galbank. Upon closer inspection, you will find Marshal Daniel Blake dealing with some bank robbers holding up hostages inside the bank. After interacting with him, he will let you know that the robbers are members of the Shaw Gang and that they don’t want to negotiate with any Freestar Rangers Officer. Now this is where you will need to put your persuasion skills to the test and help the marshal get the hostages back to safety. So if you are wondering how exactly to negotiate with the bank robbers and avoid the violence that ensues, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Persuade Bank Robbers in Job Gone Wrong in Starfieldhow to persuade robbers in job gone wrong quest in starfield

To persuade the bank robbers in Job Gone Wrong, players will have to go through two persuasion checks in Starfield. After talking to the robber casually for the first two dialogue options, you will encounter the option to persuade. This will let you enter the mini-game. Players will need good rank in their persuasion skills as they will have to fill around 8 bars on both the persuasion checks. Passing the first mini-game would be tricky and difficult. For this, we would recommend you go through +1 or +3 options to clear it out. And as the options differ in every playthrough you will have to go through them accordingly in the game.

Players with the Wanted trait at their disposal can gain the robber’s trust directly. You will have to select the specific option instead of persuading. You will then be able to pass the first check without even going through it.

Even if you fail to persuade the robbers in the first check in Job Gone Wrong, you would still be able to do the second one in Starfield. You will have to go through some dialogue options after which you will encounter the second option to proceed. At this point, the robbers will make demands which Marshal Daniel has strictly denied. Players will have to convince the robbers that releasing the hostages and walking away with just the Theft charge is the safest option. Here we would recommend that you go with the +3 options on the first two attempts. Save the +6 option in the last as it will help you cover up those bars. To make things easy, you should upgrade the persuasion skill found in the social skill tree by doing such negotiations.

Once done, you can inform the Marshal about the situation in the game. He will hand you over some credits and also offer you to join the Freestar Rangers. We would also recommend you save the game before talking with the marshal and entering the negotiations. This will help you try out the options once again.

That’s everything covered on how to persuade bank robbers in Job Gone Wrong in Starfield. If you find this guide helpful, check out whether you should kill or persuade Shaw and best powers tier list for Starfield. For even more interesting guides go through our dedicated Starfield section, right here on Gamer Tweak.