Final Fantasy 16: Can You Play Or Control Party Members?

The Party Members system has changed in Final Fantasy 16 but how much? Here's our guide on it.

The system for Final Fantasy 16 Party Members has changed and players are wondering how does it work now. Can you play or control the party members is one of the main questions that we came up against for FF16 and in this guide, we will explain what’s different this time around. As you might know, Clive will unlock numerous allies while completing the campaign missions. But how many will be playable or will you be able to choose your party members for yourself? We will try to answer as many questions as we can in this guide.

How Does the Party Members System Work in Final Fantasy 16

Can You Play Or Control Party Members in FF16

The good news is that there are party members in FF16. That means that regular battles and progression would be easy. However, they won’t be as effective when it comes to boss fights. Along with that, players cannot play or control party members in Final Fantasy 16. Clive is the main protagonist and he is the only one you will have control over apart from Torgal, the pet dog. The other party members will be AI controlled and will only provide assistance when in accordance with the game story.

Additionally, there might be moments like the Eikon of Fire boss fight where players control other characters apart from Clive. However, the system remains adamant about not allowing you to control or play with other party members in Final Fantasy 16. You might be able to give them certain commands but that’s about all the control that you can muster with your party members. In a way, this is not entirely bad since you get to properly focus on the protagonist throughout the story.

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