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Does Diablo 4 Have Party Finder To Join Groups?

When you play Diablo 4 in a party, you get XP bonuses, but aside from that, you end up having more fun clearing dungeons and fighting tough bosses together. This brings us to the question most solo players will ask – does Diablo 4 have a Party Finder option to join groups? Is there a “Looking for Group/LFG” option in D4?

Does Diablo 4 have Party Finder Option?

Unfortunately, at launch, D4 does not have a Party Finder option for solo players. Diablo 3 has a ‘Find Groups’ option for multiplayer where you could join a Public Game and choose a mode like Monster Slaying (PvE), or Brawling (PvP), but it’s not available for D4 yet because the game has just recently launched.

Here’s what players are commenting about the need for a Party Finder in D4 on Reddit:

Diablo 4 Badly Needs A Party Finder
by u/OldMcGroin in diablo4

As we know, this game is going to be a long-running one, with updates coming out frequently. We hope that a patch featuring the Party Finder button in Diablo 4 is in the pipeline and that Blizzard is considering it as an option. But until then, there are a few things you can do to play with a group.

Update: Check out this D4 party finder web app made by a Redditor

I made a Diablo 4 party finder web app
by u/EatableTrich in Diablo

How to Find Players to Group Up with in Diablo 4

Find Players In-Game to Join in a Party

Not sure how to team up with a random player? Follow these steps:

how to invite random players to party diablo 4
Source image: YourSixGaming
  • Go to Kyovashad, the main and most popular town in D4. You will find lots of players hanging around the safe zone, mostly AFK.
  • But if you see someone moving around and upgrading their weapons, selling items, etc, you can use the action wheel to ping Hello.
  • If they respond, you can use the same wheel to Invite to Party. Once they accept your request, they will join your squad and you can begin dungeon crawling to get that bonus XP.
  • If you are planning to clear a certain area and see some players right outside the door or location, ping them and if they respond, join them. This worked for me because, during a Helltide event, another player pinged that they ‘needed help’ and requested me to join them. The experience ended up being much more fun with a party!
  • Once you have added a player to the party, you can also send them a Battle.net friend request so you can join together next time you play Diablo 4.
  • The best part is that you can join voice chat via the game itself – you don’t need Discord for that.

how to join party voice chat d4

  • Simply head to the Social tab of the game’s menu and press the prompt to join the voice chat. The button will be mentioned at the top left section of the game – console players will have to press the R button to bring the VC pop-up and activate it from there.

Find Discord Groups for Diablo 4 Co-op

diablo 4 community discord link
Diablo 4 Community on Discord

Here’s a Discord group link for Diablo 4 players (Sanctuary Community) that you can consider joining. With 280,000+ members, you will certainly find and communicate with fellow players to see if they are willing to join you on your journey. If all goes well, you can even join voice chat via Discord and plan your next move together.

Find Players to Group up with on Reddit or Blizzard forums

Just like Discord, Reddit is packed with players who are highly invested in Diablo 4. Make the most of it – create a thread where you ask to join a team or find one already made by someone. Similarly, find out if anyone wants to team up via Blizzard forums. You never know, you might just get OP party members this way.

Wait for Group Finder Websites to be Made

diablo 3 LFG party finder

You will find LFG websites for Diablo 3 where users post their Class, Language, and what they intend to do – Leveling, Bounty Farming, or do Rifts. These also have filters where you can check the skill rating, region, playstyle, etc so you can group up with the right players. Since D4 is still in its nascent stage, we will have to wait until such websites are created (which will happen as soon as the Group Finder option is added).

And that’s everything you need to know about the group finder option in Diablo 4 and how to find players to join your party. If you do plan on playing solo for a while and starting a new character, try some of the best builds we recommend for Barbarian, Rogue and Sorcerer classes.