Final Fantasy 16 Notorious Mark Pandemonium Location (FF16)

Hunt Notorious Mark Pandemonium and get the necessary item for crafting The Sons of Ouroboros in Final Fantasy XVI.

Locating and defeating Pandemonium is necessary for Final Fantasy 16 to get Stained Loincloth and craft The Sons of Ouroboros. It is one of the highest-ranking Hunt Board enemies, known as the King of the Orcs, that led a revolt against Waloeder. And the rewards of Gil, EXP, and Renown are decent for killing this monster, so read along and learn the location of Pandemonium in FF16.

Notorious Mark Pandemonium Location in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

Pandemonium Location Final Fantasy 16

Pandemonium is the Hunt Board monster players find in Wolfdarr, Kingdom of Waloed. The fastest way to travel there is through The Shadow Coast Obelisk. It is an S Rank enemy of level 45 unlocked with the main quest Footfalls in Ash. And it is a twenty-second monster of the Notorious Mark Hunt Board. If you haven’t unlocked Hunt Board, then complete the “Gathering Storm” quest and unlock it. After that keep clearing the main quest and finish the Across the Narrow chapter. Lastly, defeat twenty-one Notorious Mark enemies to get the location of Pandemonium in FF16.

Excluding Stained Loincloth the reward you get for defeating Pandemonium are 15000 EXP, 120 AP, 20000 Gil, and 50 Renown. At the location, you will see a castle. As you approach the area near it the castle gate will open, and Pandemonium of Final Fantasy 16 will walk out of it.

After the monster’s introduction scene, it will use its first move, Sanguine Rite. This move covers a large part of the ground. If you are inside it, you will get hit with an explosion. Another heavy damage attack is Rictus of Horror. It is a beam that takes seconds for charging, so if you see a red glowing ball in FF16 Pandemonium’s hands, get to the side.

A Rictus of Horror is a long move, and when it is firing a beam, it wouldn’t stop till he has finished the attack, which is his biggest weakness. When you dodge Rictus of Horror and get to the side, use the beam, and attack the monster. It wouldn’t be able to dodge it before completing his move.

Apart from Pandemonium, there are many Notorious Mark monsters in Final Fantasy 16, so if you have just started taking bounty, read our other Hunt Board guides. And use them to find and defeat The Breaker of Worlds, Severian, and more.