P90 Gun PUBG Mobile – The Best SMG Tips and Tricks

Stats, Damage, Attachments and More

Do you want to know more about the P90 gun in PUBG Mobile? Is it the best SMG in PUBG? or Tips on P90 Stats, Attachments, Damage on the newest weapons of PUBG then here is a simple guide for you. In this PUBG P90 Gun guide you can check out why this weapon is considered to be the best in the game.

PUBG P90 SMG Guide – Stats, Damage, Attachment and More

P90 gun is found in PUBG Mobile Arena Mode, so if you are unable to find then this is where you have to search. It falls in the SMG Class which features a large ammo size. P90 SMG in PUBG can hold around 50 bullets, enough to support you in close combat if you are surrounded by multiple players.

P90 is also good fr long-distance combat, the burst mode is best for medium and set it to automatic in melee combat. It is a light weapon with high accuracy. It does not impact movement and low recoil. If you are looking for a weapon with precise aiming then P90 is the best SMG in PUBG Mobile. It is easy to control and does not impact the player’s speed.

PUBG P90 Gun Stats:

  1. Power – 30
  2. Rate of Fire – 70
  3. Range – 25
  4. Capacity – 50
  5. Stability – 58

You can improve P90’s efficiency with attachments. This includes improving weapon attachment, increase damage, and more. Attachments will make this weapon lot more stable giving you high accuracy and power to defend to attack instantly.

The best PUBG P90 SMG attachments:

Things that work well with P90 SMG are attachments to improve vision, precise aimings like a laser sight, and noise reduction. All three factors contribute to giving you higher chances increasing your Kill/Death Ratio. If you check the default weapon stats you will see it does not has enough Power or Range. Limitations can be fixed by using attachments like Muzzle, 1x-6x Scope, and Laser Sight.

Otherwise, it P90 SMG is best in terms of Rage of Fire, Ammo Capacity, and Stability. Stability contributes to aiming and shooting while moving. Weapons with low stability are hard to manage, a few extra seconds to aim down an enemy is enough to throw you out of the game.

So upgrading P90 SMG will turn you in a killing machine. This new weapon is ideal for beginners and pro both. This our bite on PUBG P90 SMG, you can dive into our PUBG guides section to get more tips and tricks on this popular android game.