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How to Master Close Range Combat in PUBG

Want Chicken Dinner in every game?

The most important skill to learn in PUBG is to master the close-range combat. It will happen numerous times when you find yourself in the middle of combat and cannot see an escape point. Close Combat fights will kill you instantly but if you know how to deal with it then Chicken Dinner is yours. In this PUBG Guide, I will share some secret tips to survive close-range combat.

Tips to master Close Range Combat in PUBG

Here are some points to remember to master close range combat in PUBG, you will need a combination of good weapons, right placement, and precise enough to get headshots only.


Focus on weapons at all costs. Without good weapons, you cannot survive in PUBG, a good close-range weapon that includes assault rifles like AUG, M416 or AKM, etc. Keep them ready do not switch your weapons while running, just be ready to aim and shoot. You can also carry SMG while running they are lethal at close range. A weapon with low recoil and high ammo size is best for PUBG close-range combat.

Shoot to kill:

Avoid spraying instead practice only for a head-shot. The most vulnerable part of your enemy, if you can get the fastest head-shot you will be unstoppable. Also, you reduce the amount of damage from the opponent. So always aim for the head, no matter how near you are, ample of PUBG players will spray and try to run away. You instead train yourself only for a head-shot.


While running around it matters how you place your self. How well you can use the environment for your benefit to dodge bullets. Avoid sudden movements, because in close range combat you won’t have enough time to think. And spraying around blindly will also not work. You will have enough time to survive if you can shoot down the enemy with a headshot. Heal yourself first and then move around. Try to take cover around rocks and buildings, if you are aggressive players do not ever think about camping.

Following these three simple tricks will help you to win in close combat. It is all about practice and how you react to the situation. Have fun playing.