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How To Increase Kill Death Ratio In PUBG Mobile Season 13

The new kill death ratio in PUBG needs new strategies

In Season 13, players were introduced to a new kill death ratio system as a badge of honor wherein players could show off their skills to others. Want to get a good kill death ratio in PUBG? Don’t worry. This guide will show you how to increase your KD in PUBG Mobile easily.

How To Improve K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile


Let’s take a look at how the introduction of the new Kill-Death ratio has changed the way PUBG is played. It definitely calls for new strategies and styles which might be favorable to some types of players and unfavorable to some. This change is basically PUBG’s attempt at bringing more balance to the game and remove some benefits to certain type of players.

What is KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

Before, the Kill-Death ratio in PUBG was based on the kills you have to the deaths you experience. The loophole here was that players could simply focus on surviving and camping while getting a few kills here and there. The aggression of a fight could almost be eliminated from the game.


But now, things are different. Now the ratio totally depends on the kills you get in PUBG. It doesn’t matter if you lived until the very end or not. The ratio now focuses on the total kills and the total number of matches that you have played. So, without further ado, here are some useful tips on how to increase your kill death ratio in PUBG.

Try to get maximum kills

Focus on the kills you get in every match. If you got 5 kills in one match and only 2 in the next one, your KD is bound to decrease. Try to get your kills during the earlier part of the game to be on the safer side. Kill bots whenever there is a chance because killing them will also increase your kill death ratio in PUBG. Of course, focus on surviving too. Dying quickly without any kills is not an option because your KD ratio will suffer.


Choose the best locations to drop

Make the right decisions to drop in areas where you won’t be killed instantly. If you decide on hotspots where high-level players are present, chances are that you won’t survive for long. To consciously increase your KD ratio, you must make a proper strategy before heading into battle. If you simply land on the hotspots and rush to get kills, you might not get enough time to even make a strategy. So it’s better if you land on the safer spots and then gradually move on to other areas.

Play with people you know


When you play with your friends, you can plan out your progression and tactics. You can depend on them to follow the strategy as you go, which cannot be said about random strangers on the internet. Talk to each other about the aggressive strategy that you will follow during the game and there’s a high chance that it will be successful due to your team’s coordination.

Try to get powerful weapons

With more powerful weapons, it becomes much easier to maximize kills thereby supporting your end goal of increasing KD. Use sniper rifles to finish off someone at a distance and use machine guns to go on a killing spree. Whatever you do, make sure to keep the kill count as a priority.

So this is how you can increase kill-death ratio in PUBG. For more informative PUBG tips and tricks, check out our PUBG Mobile guides right away.