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What Are Accolades In Outriders And How To Get Them

Learn more about Accolades in Outriders

Outriders is the new open-world RPG taking the gaming world by storm with new mechanics such as the Accolades system. The game is garnering quite a lot of attention. The expansiveness of the game allows for a comprehensive upgrading system. One important factor of the same system is the inclusion of an Accolades system. Accolades are targets that you can complete and achieve to earn certain rewards and special items in the game. Accolades help bolster the gameplay as it allows players to feel more involved in the entire experience. This guide will tell you everything about What Accolades are in Outriders.

What are Accolades in Outriders?


What are Accolades in Outriders
Gain special rewards with the completion of Accolades.

Accolades are specific to Classes and focus on different functions of the game. It allows you to complete a set target on your way to achieving a reward at the end of each Accolade Level. These rewards can include Cosmetic items and visual upgrades or some rare drops. These help in customizing your character and giving you a unique look in the game.

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How to get Accolades

To get accolades you just have to complete the missions and gain XP. This step is pretty easy as you do not have to take a different route or anything. The targets that you get for each accolade can be completed while playing the game. Therefore, all you have to do while playing is just keep in mind the target you need to achieve. Having done that will help you complete the Accolades and gain you XP which goes in to increase your Accolade level. Obviously, a higher Accolade level means more unique and exclusive rewards.

This is everything you need to know about what are Accolades in Outriders and how to get them. While you’re completing missions also learn How to Beat Gauss or How to Craft Items.