Outriders Untamed Power Armor Mod Guide

Here's how to use Untamed Power armor mod in Outriders.

In Outriders, unless you use your abilities and mods to their full potential, your enemies are likely to overpower you. As a consequence, understanding what weapon and armor mods are useful is important so you can see how much damage you’re doing to your enemies. The Untamed Power armor mod is one of the most significant. So, to better understand the Untamed Power armor mod in Outriders, let’s take a look at it today.

What Is Untamed Power in Outriders?

Untamed Power is an armor mod in Outriders that adds 30% of your Anomaly Power to the damage you do to enemies within a 5-meter radius whenever you use any of your skill. This armor mod has no cooldown period and will activate always when you activate your skills.

Untamed Power Armor Mod in Outriders

To get an Untamed Power mod, you need to disassemble a gear that has the mod installed. This mod can be seen on rare, epic, and legendary gear. It is a Tier 2 mod that can be equipped by all hero classes. You can only use this mod on armor rated rare, epic, and legendary. Another factor to keep in mind is that melee attacks are treated as a skill in the game, which means that any time you use melee, you will do extra damage equal to 30% of your Anomaly Power. With this mod as the main focus, you can also develop a viable Devastator or Trickster melee build.

The melee passive of the Devastator class inflicts the Bleed effect on opponents in their vicinity, while their healing mechanic restores health when close enemies die. Mods that boost Bleed’s effectiveness will boost the class’s effectiveness even more.

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