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Outriders Crossplay Fixed Yet? (Answered)

Find out if Outriders Crossplay issues have been fixed yet or not.

At Launch, Outriders players experienced some unfortunate Crossplay issues. It is understandable since there are always some problems that crop up during the big launch. The devs acknowledged it and due to the problems related to crossplay between PC and Console, they disabled the automatic matchmaking feature temporarily. Many are wondering now – is Outriders crossplay fixed yet? If not, when will it be so that you can play with your friends across platforms? Find out here.

Outriders Crossplay Issues – Are they Fixed?


Outriders Crossplay Fixed Yet

As per the Outriders Update 1.05 patch, Crossplay has been restored so now Console and PC players can play together without any problem. Ensure that the platforms are all updated to the latest patch version and you are good to go.

Apart from this, the patch also fixes multiple crashing issues and also problems where the HUD disappears. This patch also switches up the default matchmaking setting from Open to Close and you can change it to Open via the Settings in the game. This is expected to lower the waiting time for matchmaking, so that’s good news.


To know how to enable Crossplay in Outriders, check out our guide that will walk you through it. All it takes is to head to the Gameplay tab and select the option to Enable Crossplay.

That’s all you need to know about Outriders Crossplay issues and if they are fixed yet. There are more problems you may encounter and they include the Matchmaking Game Not Found Error and Outriders Authentication Failed Error. Check out our guides which have all the solutions and potential workarounds that you can do.

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