Outriders Ash Status Effect Explained

In this guide, we've explained how the Ash status effect works in Outriders and how you can use it to your benefit with other abilities.

There are 8 Status Effects in Outriders which can affect your interactions with your enemies. These include Bleed, Burn, Freeze, Vulnerable, Toxic, Weakness, Slow and Ash. It’s crucial to know what each status effect does and how it impacts you in combat. Plus, you can also combine your other abilities with these effects making you more powerful. So, in this guide, we will explain the Ash Status Effect in Outriders specifically. Let’s get right into what does the Ash effect do.

How does the Outriders Ash Status Effect Work?

how does Outriders Ash status effect work

The Ash status effect in Outriders basically affects the character’s movement making them immobile for 2.5 seconds. It falls under the category of crowd control and you can slow down or stun your enemies with it while you unleash other dangerous attacks on them.

It works like Freeze and Ash can come in real handy if you feel like you have too much on your plate right now and need to take matters in your hands. Perfect to use if you are ever overwhelmed in a fight. Remember that if you get the Ash status inflicted on you, your movement and attacks will also stop. You can use melee attacks to free yourself from it so keep that in mind to counter it when your enemies use it against you. Simply spam the melee attack and break free.

Note that even though the base status effect lasts for 2.5 seconds, it can be increased if the Status Power bonus attribute is used.

Weapon Mods & Ash Effect

Ashen Bullets is a weapon mod that inflicts Ash on enemies and has a cooldown period of 8 seconds. In higher tiers, you have the Improved Ashen Bullets which has a shorter cooldown of 4 seconds. Then there is Crematorium where the killing shots will lead to an explosion. This will inflict the Ash status effect on your enemies. But this will work only under a 7 meter radius. Lastly, there’s the Ultimate Ashen Bullets weapon mod where the cooldown is merely of 1 second.

In terms of Classes, the Pyromancer uses Ash best and you will come across it via Feed the Flames, Ash Blast, Thermal Bomb as well as Eruption.

Ash will also be inflicted when you use Incinerate and Curse of the Pompeii (gives you more Ash duration). Additionally, there’s Ashes to Ashes (with Ash, you also apply Exposed) and Trial of the Ashes (boost damage against those inflicted with Ash by 30%). As you can see, there are a lot of ways Ash can come to your rescue especially as a Pyromancer.

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