Order of the Ancients locations – AC Odyssey the First Blade DLC

Kevin Almeida
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In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey The First Blade DLC – the Order of Ancients known as The Snake, was a secretive cabal operating throughout the ancient world. In the Legacy of the First Blade DLC, the player will get an extra menu of Cultist targets to hunt down in Makedonia. Here is the location of all 7 covert members of the Order of the Ancients.

Order of the Ancients locations

Phratagoune the Keeper Location

At the beginning of the game, this will be the very first clue you get it from Darius’ Rock Arch hideout in northern Makedonia. You will find him on a little table next to the passageway out. You find Phratagoune the Keeper at the bear den.

Konon the Fighter Location

Locate Konon the Fighter at Xerxes’ towards the east of where you killed Phratagoune and at the northwest of Amphipolis. Once you take her down, head to the Keeper at the Bear Den to pick up this clue.

Echion the Watcher Location

First, complete the Dead Man Rises side quest then find a message on a cart to the east of Rock Arch. The Message will ask you to collect bear skins and take them to the Blacksmith’s Assistant in Amphipolis and talk to the Assistant. The Blacksmith’s Assistant’s code in Dead Man Rises quest is “And we are the order”. Now you will find Echion the Watcher in the northern part of Amphipolis(guarded by other covert fighters pretending to be farmers).

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Akantha the Deceiver Location

From the southwest of Amphipolis, you must first steal the ancient clue from the Olynthos Fortress(next to the nation chest). Now locate her in the Leader House at Amphipolis. If you trigger any battle she will try to run away. It’s got to directly Assassinate or snipe her.

Timosa the Physician Location

During the Mysterious Malady main story quest, you will get a chance to take out Timosa the Physician.

Bubares the Conspirator Location

During the Revealing the Recruiter main story quest, Bubares bites the dust.

The Huntsman Location

Simply complete the main story quests of the DLC to fight the Huntsman at the end.

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