Athenian Marksman Locations | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Quest Guide

Athenian marksman in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are souped-up archers which show up during the weekly contracts. You will have to locate them in one of the Board Quest called Fear of Arrows where you have to kill a certain amount of archers types which we must say is not as easy as it sounds. So without any further ado, here is how to locate the Athenian Marksman and take them down.

Athenian Marksman Locations

As we mentioned that the Athenian Marksman are archers, and if you are lucky you might encounter one or twenty at once. There’s no way to predict where they’ll spawn but we know how they look. If you locate any archer wearing blue hoods, near Athenian soldiers, warships, forts, camps or such that’s your Marksman.

Use Ikaros to look for Athenian forts where they spawn the most. Also with Fort check the camp as most of the Marksman are Captains. Once you encounter any Athenian Marksman approach silently and use Ikaros to pinpoint the captain. First look in the upper right corner to check whether they’re real Marksman type.

Athenian Marksman Locations

Note: If no luck in first go then reload the game or go to a different camp.

It might take a while but once you get it right the rewards are commensurate. Don’t waste much time clearing out the whole camp, simply get inside, kill the marksman and exit the location. Let us know how many Marksman did you locate till now?

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