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How To Open A Singularity Rock Chest In Tower Of Fantasy

This guide will show you how to loot the globe carrying statue in the Tower of Fantasy.

As you explore the world of Aida, you will come across various rewards and loot found in chests or hidden puzzles that you can solve using relics in the game. One such puzzle is the ‘Singularity Rock’ chest which is a crouched figurine of a person carrying a large spherical rock on their shoulder that can be lifted to unveil the reward. So today, let’s look at how to open a Singularity Rock chest in Tower of Fantasy.

Solving the Singularity Rock in Tower of Fantasy

tower of fantasy tof open rock singularity chest

Now, looting this sphere statue is actually pretty easy. All you need for this process is the relic ‘Strange Cube’ which you can obtain after completing the A-02 quest in the game. The Strange Cube is an enchanted cubical relic in Tower of Fantasy that has the ability to alter the gravity of the player’s immediate environment with a pulsing effect.

In order to loot the Singularity Rock, players need to levitate and dislodge the giant globe off the statue. Once you have obtained the Strange Cube relic, go to your inventory and equip it. Then, all you have to do is stand close to the rock and use the relic. Your character will emit an anti-gravity pulse that will propel the rock away from the pillar and reveal the loot. Players can expect to find either a Black or a Gold Nucleus underneath. Jump on top of the pillar and interact with it to claim the rewards and exploration progress points.

You can now use the Strange Cube relic to open all Singularity Rock chest across the map in Tower of Fantasy to claim the rewards. Although, keep in mind that Singularity Rocks that respawn don’t always contain the loot.

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How to get the Strange Cube Relic?

The easiest method to obtain this enchanted cube is to go to the Ruin A-02 located in south Astra. Most players skip completing this dungeon because it is a side quest that is not required for the main plot line of the game. When you visit the cave for the first time, you will find a floating pyramid that will give you the Cube as it is a requisite for completing the quest. Once you complete the quest, you can use the Cube from your relics inventory anywhere.

That’s everything you need to know about opening the Singularity Rock and the Strange Cube relic. If this helped you out, check out all Behemoth locations in ToF as well.