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How To Get A Dabry’s Sturgeon In Tower Of Fantasy

This guide will show you where and how to catch the rare Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy.

Just like a lot of open-world explorer games, Tower of Fantasy features a fishing mechanic. This allows players to find and catch different fish for use in different recipes that help restore your Satiety (the hunger bar). One such fish is the Dabry’s Sturgeon which is rather rare and also required in the side-quest “Taste of the Sea” for Jupiter where you have to catch two of them. If you wish to find and catch a Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy, this guide is for you.

How to Catch Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

dabrys sturgeon tof

Now, even though the Sturgeon is relatively rare, catching the fish is fairly easy. The fishing mechanic in Tower of Fantasy is very straightforward. All you have to do is get in the water and use the interact key when the fish is near you. So in order to catch this fish, head to the Blue River area in Aesperia which stretches from near the Omnium Tower and settles in a lake in Astra Shelter.

where to find dabrys sturgeon tof

Once you’re in the river, look for the Dabry’s Sturgeon that will spawn once in a while. It is one of the largest fish in the Blue River and you can be recognize it by its characteristic greenish-white gradient body and big green fins. It is distinctive from the Silver Bass fish which has a grayish tone and spawns most abundantly in the game. The recommended time to look for the Dabry’s Sturgeon is during sunsets as there’s better visibility in water. Once you catch the Sturgeon you can either use it to complete side-quests, add to recipes or consume it for 2 Satiety points and increased passive regeneration.

That is how you get a Dabry’s Sturgeon in the Tower of Fantasy. If you’re interested in more related content, check out our guide on where to find Robarg in ToF.