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Where To Find Robarg In Tower Of Fantasy (Location)

Go through this guide to know the location of the flower-boss Robarg in ToF.

One of the main foes you will face in Tower of Fantasy are the world-bosses that are high-level bosses specific to each region. When defeated, the world bosses reap exceptional loot that can help you upgrade your gear and gain sweet rewards. One of the first world bosses you’ll encounter is Robarg, a deadly-looking flower residing in the Tomb of Thorns. If you wish to know where to find Robarg in Tower of Fantasy and fight her, this guide is for you.

How to Find Robarg in Tower of Fantasy (Tomb of Thorns Location)

robarg location tof

Robarg is the first world boss you will fight in Tower of Fantasy so naturally it is also located in the Astra region of Aesperia. Astra Shelter is where you first start your adventure in Tower of Fantasy. In order to find this deadly floral boss, locate Ruin A-02 on your map and right beside it you will find the Tomb of Thornes, a battle arena covered in red glowing foliage. In the center of this battle ground is where Robarg will spawn.

Alternatively, if you are using a world map, you will see a large crater in the south-east corner of Astra. This crater is the symbol for the Tomb of Thornes where you will find Robarg. Once you reach the Crimson Towers on your adventure, head south towards the crater.

Now you can fight and defeat Robarg to gain access to the Advanced Password Chest to obtain some precious rewards like rare weapons. Although, keep in mind that Robarg is a level 22 boss and will be harder to defeat if you don’t have necessary rank and effective weapons. Robarg is vulnerable to fire so you should prefer using Flame-elemental weapons. You can also fight this world boss alongside other players to give you a collective advantage.

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That is all you need to know about where to find Robarg in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this guide helpful in your Aida adventures, then make sure to check out our other Tower of Fantasy guides.