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Tower Of Fantasy: How To Get Seabreeze Coins

Learn how to get Seabreeze Coins in Tower of Fantasy from this guide.

Tower of Fantasy, a.k.a. TOF, is a Sci-Fi-Themed Open World MMORPG from Hotta Studio. Here, you can enjoy this Anime-based game in an expansive world while completing the storyline or by just adventuring. The game has a lot of currencies that each provide a different resource. One such currency that the Players will have to collect is the Seabreeze Coins. In this guide, I will show you how to get Seabreeze Coins in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Seabreeze Coins in Tower of Fantasy

seabreeze coins tower of fantasy

The Seabreeze Coins is a limited-time currency that can be used in the Summer Seabreeze Event in Tower of Fantasy. You can use these coins to buy resources & rare cosmetics from the Gachapon system if you have enough of them. You can get a Seabreeze Coin by purchasing it in the Limited Store for 100 Dark Crystals. If you want to know how to get Dark Crystals, then Check out our Guide on How to Get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy. Once you do get a Seabreeze Coin, you can use it in the Gachapon to get one of the following items.

  • Seaside Vacation – Limit of 1
  • Animal Hairpin – Limit of 1
  • Avatar: Kitty Coast – Limit of 1
  • Avatar Frame: Salty Wave – Limit of 1
  • Chat Bubble: Summer Stream – Limit of 1
  • Red Nucleus – Limit of 3
  • Gold Nucleus – Limit of 3
  • Special Voucher – Limit of 3
  • Proof of Purchase – Limit of 3
  • Colossus Arm Shard – Limit of 15
  • Magnetic Storm Shard – Limit of 10
  • Joint Supply Chip I – Limit of 5
  • Advancement Module – Limit of 2
  • Booster Module – Limit of 10
  • Weapon Battery III – Limit of 10
  • Matrix Data Pack III – Limit of 15
  • Weapon Augment Kit Box – Limit of 5
  • Gold ×5000 – Limit of 10

You will need a lot of Seabreeze Coins to get all of the Prizes mentioned above. Do hurry as well as the Seabreeze Event lasts only till August 29, 2022.

This was all about how to get Seabreeze Coins in Tower of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can check out our other guides like Claire’s Dream Machine Guide in Tower of Fantasy.