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Tower Of Fantasy: All Behemoth Locations

Learn about the locations of all Behemoth Bosses in Tower of Fantasy from this guide.

Tower of Fantasy, a.k.a. TOF, is a Sci-Fi-Themed Open World MMORPG from Hotta Studio. Here, you can enjoy this Anime-based game in an expansive world while completing the storyline or by just adventuring. On your journey, you will be fighting a lot of enemies. Some of these enemies are stronger than others like the Behemoths. A Behemoth, like its name implies, is a huge Boss-like Enemy that you will find scattered across Aida. In this guide, I will show you all of the Behemoth Locations in Tower of Fantasy.

All Behemoth Locations in Tower of Fantasy

behemoth locations tower of fantasy

As I have mentioned above, Behemoth Enemies are Field Bosses that you can fight all over Aida. Defeating them will drop you a lot of rewards and a chance for extremely rare Loot. If you beat the Behemoths quite a few times, then you will be able to unlock the Omnium Beast Vehicle. Check out our article on How to Get the Omnium Beast in Tower of Fantasy for more information. As shown on the Map, here are the locations for each Behemoth in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Surtur the Behemoth – Red Marker
  • Utgarda the Behemoth – Cyan Marker
  • Mimir the Behemoth – Yellow Marker
  • Bergelmir the Behemoth – Green Marker

You will be Farming the Behemoths for the Vehicle Parts but they are also a good source of early game EXP. You can get a minimum of 800 EXP from each of them. If you make a Route to their locations daily, you can get quite a lot of Levels. Plus, you will get special rewards if you beat them for the first time. To efficiently Farm the, start by beating Surtur, then Utgarda, followed by Mimir, & then Bergelmir.

This was all about the Locations of the Behemoth Bosses in Tower of Fantasy. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Where To Get Balloon Fruit in Tower of Fantasy.