AC Odyssey Tips – How To Reach Level 50

To reach Level 50 in Assassins Creed Odyssey is possible by completing the storyboard whether you play as Alexios or Cassandra. Different missions in each chapter demand certain Level that increases the characters strength. Without reaching the cap it is hard to beat enemies on higher levels. If you are still struggling to get the max Level then this guide is for you. I will tell what you need to get Level 50 without completing the full game. Remember it requires grinding, Assassins Creed Odyssey features a big open world with tons of things to do and completing them rewards you XP.

How To Reach Level 50 Fast in Assassins Creed Odyssey

Play all the side-question and NPC’s mission. You will come across many people while talking they will reveal certain objectives play them. The activities are filled with rewards. Exploring new locations while on your way to complete side-missions also reward certain XP. It gradually fills the bar increases the characters level.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has hundreds of side quest, new locations and optional stuff like hunting. The best way to find to do something other than playing the main story is to take a stroll. Walk around and you will find someone in need of your help. To save some time go to the areas with question marks, they are undiscovered region. Locating them gives you XP as well as new opportunities, like enemy base, alpha animals, etc.

The map big and it will take time, a lot of. Some task is repetitive, they are not boring but can put on expert mode because you already know what to do. Talk to the characters and keep playing side-quests is the fastest way to level up your character if you are stuck at some point. More levels mean more power, you can kill lower level enemies in few blows.

A few other ways to Level up fast are:

  1. Message Board Contracts: Accept all the contracts to earn XP.
  2. Conquest Battle: Trigger conquest battles for high XP rewards.
  3. Arena: Fight in Arena and earn champion status along with XP.
  4. XP Booster: Rich people can go for a shortcut, buy XP Boosters. Get 25% to 50% higher XP.

What Happens after Level 50?

For curious souls who are yet to completing the game after hitting Level 50, the game gets a bit boring in normal mode. Your character is strong enough to crumble weak enemies, but you can test your strength in the nightmare mode. After hitting the highest level cap switch to nightmare and see the real face of enemies. They are more cruel and ruthless.