How To Find And Defeat Medusa In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Everyone knows about Medusa and her part in the Green mythology, she is known to turn men into stone and her hair is made of snakes. Truly one of the most fascinating legends and she has found herself in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as one of the toughest bosses you will find in the game. If you are looking forward to this battle, make sure to read up this guide and get an advantage.

How To Find Medusa In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Look into her eyes once and you’ll forever be turned into stone. That’s what the legend talks about Medusa but you can change destiny and defeat her in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. First, make sure that you’re at least level 46 and above.

Medusa is an endgame boss and you will need certain armors, weapons, and stat gains before squaring up with her. Well, to start you will need to go to Lesbos, and here the mission will begin.

Once you’re at Lesbos, try to find the town of Eresos, here you will have to keep an eye out for a mission called ‘Romancing the Stone Garden’, this is the Medusa missions that you should be looking out for.

You will find a helpless lady who claims that her lower has gone off into the Petrified Temple inside the Petrified Forest. You will see a woman run off inside the temple while you will be left alone to deal with the people who think that you scared her off.

After this, you will need to go to the temple and meet Bryce, the woman who ran off and then follow her to the romantic meeting place where she and her lover used to visit. This place is called the Dread Ruins and is in the Petrified Forest.

Then Bryce will run off towards the Petrified Temple claiming she can hear her lover’s voice and all you have to do is follow her.

You won’t be able to enter the temple without the key and to get the key you will need to meet up with a mercenary who claims to have killed her. You will have to defeat him in a battle to get his spear and after that, head over to the island of Chios.

Here you will find the relic that can open the door to the Petrified Temple, on the island of Chios you will find the Huntress Village and get to the vault. There’s an exception though, if you have already completed the quest named ‘Daughter of Artemis’ then you can just stroll right in and get the key.

After you get the key, go back to meet up with Bryce and prepare for your battle with Medusa. As soon as you open the door, run after Bryce, and kill any snakes that you find along the way. You will also get some treasure so keep an eye out for that.

How To Defeat Medusa In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Once you encounter Medusa, get ready for a hell of a fight but you can make it a bit easy by following our strategy. Medusa will send some minions while she surrounds herself in a bubble. Lay waste to these minions and then attack Medusa herself, before quickly finding cover behind a pillar.

She will try to cast lightning on you, but you’ll be safe behind the pillars. This is your opportunity to strike Medusa, use your arrows, and aim for her eyes.

Keep repeating this until she has fallen and you can pluck the Piece of Eden from her snake hair. There is a strong chance of you getting hit by her gaze, if you do simply follow the prompts and shake it off.

You’ll soon defeat her and that’s all there is to do, once you kill her you will get the Legendary Medusa figurehead and the Legard Harpe of Perseus sword which will lower down your ability and skill cooldown by 25%.

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